Top Five Greatest Entrance Themes

B. Dangerous and Brian Damage

This week’s Top Five is all about music. What are your favorite entrance themes of all time? Music that helped get you pumped up for a wrestler’s arrival. Sometimes the music was better than the actual wrestler. What are your top five entrance themes? It doesn’t matter if it is from a well known artist/band or composed by the likes of Jim Johnston or Jimmy Hart.

B. Dangerous

I am nothing, if not a lover of music. I always have music on and so many of my memories, both good and bad, are linked to a specific song or musical composition.

In wrestling, I could get behind a mediocre wrestler or team of they had great music, but conversely, if a top wrestler had lousy music, they were dead to me.

Here’s my Top 5 Entrance Themes of All-Time:

5- “Theme from The Midnight Express”

This song holds dual sentiments for me as both the theme to possibly my favorite tag team of all-time, but also as the theme to Coast to Coast AM, which has entertained me during many late nights. Plus, it’s just this oddly catchy synth piece, the likes of which nothing really compares to.

4- “Badstreet USA”

Probably the first true sing-along theme in wrestling. Certainly the first original one. When they replaced this theme in the early 90s, I was not happy!

3- “Unscripted Violence”

I have a thing for music I could personally see myself beating someone up to (I’m a 6’3″ formally trained grappler and boxer, it could happen) and this is one of those songs made even better by Moxley entering through the crowd and the camera being made to look like the production team is frantically trying to find him. Very solid!

2- “Judas”

Having been a part of a live AEW event with the fans singing not only along with, but over this song, I experienced first-hand how powerful it was! Great song and great live experience!

1- “Real American”

If I go back and watch Hulk Hogan’s entrances involving this theme, it blows my mind how the fans would tear the roof off of the arena every time that first chord hit! The Philadelphia Spectrum, The Boston Garden, The Hartford Civic Center, and of course MSG… it didn’t matter. The fan response to this song was unlike anything else!

There’s no way I couldn’t do a few Honorable Mentions here, just because there are so many good ones.

“Glorious Domination” – Bobby Rood (disgustingly underused)
• “13” – Tazz /”War Machine” – Taz
• “Enter Sandman” – Sandman
• “Obsolete” – Jeff Hardy


5 – Unstable

This is definitely a theme song in my top five and perhaps always will be. I was a a big Ultimate Warrior fan in the beginning of his run. I have considerably cooled on Warrior throughout the years…but his theme song definitely still gets me pumped up to this day.

4 – Loaded

Here is another theme that always got me so pumped up whether I was watching from home or at an arena. The sight of the Hardy Boyz coming out to this and Jeff Hardy dancing his little dance while this is blaring and the crowd screaming always got me pumped for their matches.

3 – Enter Sandman

This is one of those themes that fit the wrestler perfectly…but I think the song was more over than the actual wrestler. Don’t get me wrong, I liked The Sandman in ECW, but only in ECW. He just wasn’t the same during his runs with WCW and WWE with different entrance music.

2 – Free Bird

This was the song that got me to become a fan of the Fabulous Freebirds. They to me were the very coolest of heels and I loved their run against the Von Erich’s in World Class. This was the ultimate jam back in the day. Still is.

1 – Iron Man

The song by Black Sabbath is another one of those songs that fit Hawk and Animal perfectly. The song, their look and the wrestlers made this a perfect match. The Road Warriors were badass with or without this theme, but it was their best bit of music as a team.

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12 thoughts on “Top Five Greatest Entrance Themes

  1. Of all-time:

    1. Pat Patterson-I’m a Real American (Attitude Era)
    2. Ric Flair-2001 A Space Odyssey theme
    3. Do You Smell What the Rock is Cooking/Hollywood Rock Theme
    4. Stone Cold Steve Austin Breaking Glass original theme
    5. L.O.D.-What a Rush theme
    6. Jake the Snake Roberts-WWF Babyface theme with the Knight Rider synthesizers
    7. Ultimate Warrior Theme
    8. Hardy Boyz theme
    9. Oh You Didn’t Know? Yo’ Ass Better Call Somebody!
    10. Mankind Car Crash theme

    Right now…

    1. Jungle Boy-Tarzan Boy
    2. Jon Moxley-Wild Theme by X
    3. Chris Jericho-Judas
    4. Bullet Club theme
    5. Orange Cassidy-Where Is My Mind?

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    • In no particular order

      Iron man for the road warriors
      Old time rock n roll for Dusty Rhodes
      Undertakers themes (the gong and kid rocks bad ass)
      Macho Mans theme with a preference to the wcw version with the wailing guitars
      Arn Anderson/Horsemen theme: with the horse neh/nicker and running sound to open the theme. More nostalgia than anything for me. I do wish that theme would have been modernized when wcw was at it’s peak though. The midi synthesizer just never played well.

      I do agree with aew pulling out some old hits like tarzan and where is my mind is fun and a nice touch

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  2. 10. Crank It Up – Young Stallions
    9. Bray Wyatt current theme
    8. Sting Crow Them
    7. Time Is Now – John Cena
    6. Metal Demon – Sid Vicious
    5. Iron Man – Road Warriors
    4. Thus Sprach Zathustra – Ric Flair
    3. Unstable – Ultimate Warrior
    2. Undertaker themes
    1. Real American

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  3. Honorable mentions:
    1. Hard Time – Big Bossman
    2. Demolition
    3. Booker T theme
    4. Goldust Theme
    5. Judas – Chris Jericho
    6. Money – Ted Dibiase
    7. Common Man – Dusty Rhodes
    8. Bret Hart WWF theme
    9. Sexy Boy – Shawn Michaels
    10. Obsolete – Broken Hardy Universe

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