Top Five Tag Team Finishers

B. Dangerous and Brian Damage

This week we will look at everybody’s favorite top five finishing maneuvers from tag teams only. What teams had the best finishers in your opinion? 

As I’ve expressed in the past, tag team wrestling is largely a lost art. You lose so much with the intentionally temporary, throw-together teams. Among the things you lose is a well-oiled tag team finisher. But among real teams, there were some pretty great ones.

Here’s my Top 5:

5- Steiner Bulldog (Steiner Brothers)

Scott would hoist an opponent onto his shoulders and Rick will come off of the top turnbuckle with a diving Bulldog. Sometimes it was ugly, but it always looked brutal.

4- The Hart Attack (The Hart Foundation)

Why this instead of the LOD’s Doomsday Device? Largely because of two factors.

First, Animal has the opponent on his shoulders and they’re just up there kind of loosey-goosey, with the availability to escape if they could, although I’m sure no one did. Neidhart however, had the opponent locked into a massive Bear Hug where the man had no choice but to absorb the full-impact of Hart’s Lariat.

Secondly, Hawk dove off of the top turnbuckle with a stiff-arm Clothesline that was honestly no more forceful than any other Clothesline. But Bret Hart was coming at you at a full sprint and went into a last second five, along with hooking his arm into a Lariat, creating a whiplash effect.

3- Spike Piledriver (The Brainbusters)

This looked so lethal because, back at this time, guys still knew how to properly execute a Piledriver. I know with all the concerns about concussions we just kind of don’t even use it anymore, but the Piledriver itself can be a work of art and The Brainbusters did their variation better than anyone.

2- The 3-D (The Dudley Boyz)

This, by all accounts, should be my number 1. The only reason it’s not is simply because on rare occasion the timing has been off and it’s looked somewhat unbelievable. But, the other 98% of the time, it’s a devastating looking finish!

1- The Power-Plex (Power & Glory)

Does this surprise you? Be honest… you don’t even remember it, do you?

From the perspective of reality, you are jarred and stunned by a huge Superplex by The Mighty Hercules, then as soon as your unfortunate carcass hits the canvas, the rock-solid Paul Roma knocks what little bit of air you still had in you out and you’re essentially dead. They murdered you.

Honorable Mentions:
• Double DDT (Fabulous Freebirds)
• Doomsday Device/Wrecking Ball (LOD/Destruction Crew)
• Gringo Killer/Ghetto Stomp (Homicide and Low-Ki)
• Side Suplex/Claw (The Von Erichs)
• Magic Killer (Good Brothers)


Grand Amplitude – American Alpha

American Alpha in my opinion were such an underrated, underutilized tag team during their NXT/WWE run. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable had so much potential to be one of the truly great tag teams of this generation. With all that said, their finisher…which was called ‘The Grand Amplitude’ looked great and effective.

Thor’s Hammer – The Viking Raiders

The move looks both crisp and powerful. The opponent gets thrown straight up in the air, only to be caught and powerslammed to the mat. Love it.

The Shatter Machine/The Goodnight Express – The Revival/FTR

Here’s another favorite tag team finisher of mine and surprisingly from a more current team in wrestling. It’s set up sorta like a 3D Drop, but instead of driving the opponent’s head into the mat, they drop double knees into their opponent’s chin.

Doomsday Device – The Road Warriors

I mean it’s the Road Warriors we are talking about here. The move looked and actually was devastating to its victims. Just ask wrestlers like Henry Godwinn about it.

Total Elimination – The Eliminators

This was my favorite tag team finisher just for the sheer look of it. It looked devastating, especially when people like Mikey Whipwreck, Spike Dudley or even Joel Gertner sold it. Another team with so much promise and ability, that could have done a lot more than what they achieved in places like USWA and ECW.

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4 thoughts on “Top Five Tag Team Finishers

  1. Of all-time:

    1. Doomsday Device
    2. Total Elimination
    3. Hart Attack
    4. Spike Piledriver
    5. Steiner Bulldog
    6. Power-Plex
    7. 3-D
    8. Goodnight Express
    9. Demolition’s finisher
    10. Meltzer Driver

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  2. Spike piledriver was awesome finisher. Arn said on his podcast him and Tully were going to go over either on demolition or another face team ans and wanted to make the finish strong and came up with that move

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  3. Glad to see Power and Glory’s finisher getting some recognition. The coordination involved with Roma taking off for the splash before the Superplex even hit was just mind blowing as a kid. I’d love to see a current tag team bring it back.

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