This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 29

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 29th of 2021. Today Brian examines the potential AEW signings of both CM Punk and Bryan Danielson and how they stack up to when WCW signed Scott Hall and Kevin Nash and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

Elite Game Changers?

This past week it is being heavily reported that AEW has signed Bryan Danielson and is in negotiations with CM Punk. The question that I pose is….are these moves game changers for All Elite Wrestling? If true, will the signings of both Danielson and Punk be on par with WCW when they signed Scott Hall and Kevin Nash? We all know how those two acquisitions ended up for WCW.

Oh sure, it helped to have a huge heel turn with Hulk Hogan and it was only for a brief time overall with the company ultimately folding and being sold. Despite that, can CM Punk and Bryan Danielson be the spark AEW needs to truly compete with WWE? We all know that Danielson can still perform at a very high level and could easily have great matches with all of AEW’s current top stars. Punk on the other hand hasn’t wrestled for a few years. We know how gifted CM Punk is on the microphone with his infamous “pipebombs.” His personality alone can draw in viewers and garner fans attention….especially when they return to Chicago.

I’m not trying to compare Punk and Danielson to Hall and Nash as wrestlers…just their significance to joining WWE’s rival promotions. Do CM Punk and Bryan Danielson have that cross over appeal? Time will certainly tell, but what I do know is that they are truly top notch wrestlers that will put asses in the seats…at least initially. I have to give credit to Tony Khan for going out and making these deals. He really is trying to put together a very competitive alternative to WWE.

While Vince McMahon dusts off Goldberg and John Cena to spike ratings and interest…Khan gives fans something a bit more current. There is no question the star power that Goldberg and Cena have…especially Cena for casual fans. It just doesn’t seem to have the internet world buzzing like AEW getting Punk and Danielson. In the long run, I think AEW’s signings will be a lot more beneficial to the overall product. The question remains just how beneficial?


Photo Gallery

Thankfully, the Thunderdome era is over and never returns.

John Reigns or Roman Cena?

So far with fans back in the arenas…TV ratings have improved. Hopefully that trend continues for all.

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs can beat up your mayor.

Cool Undertaker drawing

Rare photo of father and son 😉

The more things change….

Apparently Dana Brooke is pregnant! Congratulations!

Oh yikes!

Congrats to Sheamus on his recent engagement!

Always support pro wrestling.

AEW’s Jade Cargill

WWE’s Kayla Braxton

Rene Michelle

The Kat and the GOAT


Video Gallery

Impact wresting’s Tenille Dashwood fka Emma in WWE


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7 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 29

  1. The idea of Punk and Danielson coming to AEW is fucking huge. I’m more excited for Danielson coming to AEW as he’s got some juice left in the tank and I think one of the reasons he’s going to AEW is because of their working relationship with New Japan as I’m salivating the idea of Danielson going to New Japan and hopefully compete in the G1 Climax.

    Then there’s CM Punk who I felt was the last real big deal that Meekmahan-land botched yet I’m apprehensive about him returning to pro wrestling as it’s been more than 7 years and he’s not in his prime anymore. He can go on the mic and can put asses in the seat but what is he going to do in the ring? The roster in AEW is filled with a lot of talent as I’m not sure if he can keep up with some of the younger guys or can keep up with Kenny Omega. Plus, there’s also the issue with Colt Cabana in AEW as he better settle that shit or else he’s going to blow it. This is Punk’s last shot at redemption at this point. He already had a disappointing MMA career and he burned a lot of bridges as he needs to not fuck this up.

    With Punk and Danielson coming to AEW, I think it’s more likely to help other companies and with AEW working with Impact, New Japan, NWA, ROH, and AAA. Meekmahan-land better get their shit together or else the idea of them going out of business might actually happen. Honestly, I want them fucking gone!

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  2. Punk and Danielson signing with AEW would be huge, and would give them a big ratings boost- for a while… The long-term would depend on on creative/creative control. AEW doesn’t know how to book serious, “sports based” wrestling, and tends to focus on individual segments, as opposed to a whole show, so the same thing (roughly) will happen in 2 or 3 segments of the same show. If feel like, if those 2 had some creative control (especially Punk), it could be very good for AEW. They would have to let Punk be (basically) uncensored, and say what he (probably actually) thinks about other AEW talent, especially since Punk has been very vocal in his criticisms of modern wrestling, including AEW. Punk seems to have more of an old-school, Cornette-ish view of things, and I think AEW NEEDS that, since they have a lot more talent that is in to the colorful, big-character, entertainment-driven way of thinking. Punk and Danielson could be great, more serious, straightforward, real-sports counters to guys like The Young Cucks, Kenny Omega, Jericho, etc.- Tony Khan just needs to be able to take their advice/constructive criticism, and value it, Vs. getting defensive, as he sometimes does (Don’t be a Vince, Tony.). As WWE has show, having too few people at the top having their voices heard results in a less-interesting product all around, and AEW could really use some new minds in the creative mix, and I don’t see either of those two, especially Punk, signing with them unless they have complete creative control over their storylines.

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  3. I knew the Hall & Nash comparisons were coming, and that’s kinda truish in the sense of combined star power arriving in major rival promotion. I think overall it’ll be a very positive contribution, as Bryan can still go while Punk can contribute more in the form of being a color commentator, promo coach, and basically help the younger talent there. It’ll be very cool to see him get in the ring every once in awhile, but realistically I’m not sure that’s where his passion lies anymore. I could be wrong, as I can’t speak for him personally. But, I can see once he gets some dream matches out of the way, he’ll transition to the roles I just previously suggested. Either way, I know this just has to piss off Vince and I’m all for it since he his actions or inactions directly helped lead to this. Hopefully now, much like how Hall & Nash leaving caused him to legit push & rely on the younger talent he had, that he does the same and gives the all the guys he’s been sitting on time to shine like they deserve.

    will say though, for the Andrades & the Blacks and the Christians, this does kinda’ steal the shine of their coming in as well. Have to address that. Also concerned for the talent they already have being that much more overshadowed as well. They’re potentially getting lost in the shuffle. So far that’s not the case, as with the exception of Miro, all the other AEW talent holding gold has been there since day one (Starks aside as well with the FTW belt)

    Overall, yes it will be a good thing. Time will tell of course for how long.

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  4. In my opinion, the comments here are bordering on offensive recently. Basic internet etiquette is being ignored and insults are being thrown. Not everyone needs to agree, of course, but disagreements can be had without insults.

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