This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 30

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 30th of 2021. Today Brian welcomes back fans to wrestling shows and offers an opinion on the good and bad with them and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

Welcome Back

It’s been a couple of week’s since fans have fully returned to arenas across the country and the difference between this and the so called ‘Thunderdome Era’ is night and day. There is just a certain energy that comes with fans live in attendance cheering, booing and chanting. It not only looks and feels better for those who watch on television, but you can see it with the wrestlers too. There is a renewed passion and energy with them as they come out from behind the curtain. It’s nothing we didn’t expect, but it is great to finally see again.

The TV ratings have also shown that the fan interaction at the arenas have helped the various wrestling promotions. Like any live event whether a concert or a sporting event and pro wrestling….fans are desperately needed and welcome. As wonderful as it has been having fans back, the only downfall has been the tribalism associated with some fans. Basically, fans have taken sides against each other over which is the better promotion. AEW loyalists and WWE defenders go at it like it was a matter of life and death. Each putting the other down for being a fan of a particular promotion.

It’s not just a battle between AEW and WWE fans either….New Japan fans and to a smaller degree fans of Impact wrestling have also been maligned or putting down other promotions. To me, there is no need for such toxicity in the business. There is absolutely nothing wrong with competition…as a matter of fact…the more options…the better for not only fans…but the wrestlers themselves. Having fans go at each other because they feel one promotion is better than the other is just silly. The bottom line is, not every fan will like everything or even anything about AEW, WWE, New Japan, AAA, CMLL, Ring of Honor, MLW, NWA, Impact etc. That is okay…just don’t put down those who enjoy a certain product better than another.

There is enough BS in the world right now to complain about. Pro wrestling/Sports entertainment shouldn’t be one of them. It is entertainment and an escape from reality. That’s just my two cents. We are definitely blessed to have so many more options than a few years ago. Enjoy what you want, watch what you want…and let others do the same…even if it is different from your own tastes.


Photo Gallery

Scandalous!!! LOL

Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder) has come a long way…

Introducing Tiger Queen…the first female version of Tiger Mask.

Cool drawing of Rhea Ripley

You can save big brother….

A great illustration of Jake the Snake Roberts

RIP Super Porky

Love it! lol

Hey Lacey Evans….remember her? 😉

A recent pic of Candice Michelle

NXT’s Elektra Lopez

The Queen of Extreme…Francine


Video Gallery

One of the very best on promos…the great ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair


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7 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 30

  1. Matt Cardona this past weekend took his first step into legendary status. A decade ago, he was just a low-card guy trying to get over through his own YouTube show and did to the point where he was the hottest thing in Madison Square Garden as his support was so loud that the Rock had to put him over. Now, he realizes that the independents is a goldmine while still getting some steady work at Impact with his fiancee and just became the most hated person in the world of death matches. You can’t write shit like this and honestly, I’m proud of him. I’m glad he was able to reinvent himself and just became a bigger name in wrestling even though it’s outside of the mainstream. I know it’s not going to last as the King of the Death Matches but it’s a fun chapter and who knows. Maybe he would become someone that other companies want and he’s earned it.

    Please Titus, come to AEW. You will be treated with respect instead of being seen as a joke in front of some out-of-touch old fart.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Oh hell yeah. With some shenanigans from a friend of Nick Gage who turned on him. Everyone threw all sorts of shit at Cardona after the match and he just embraced it. He is the most hated man in the world of extreme/deathmatch wrestling. And I love him for it.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Cardona’s certainly making all the right moves that he should’ve been doing a year ago, but hey, timing is indeed everything in life, props to him regardless on living the dream and keeping himself relevant unlike so many of his fellow ex co-workers.

      His girlfriend on the other hand, really is a hot mess. Openly tweeting & courting WWE practically begging them to notice her…that shit’s sad. Especially since she just signed with ROH, or at least has deal with them in place for now, but still makes no secret that she’d go back to Vince in NY minute. Constantly trying to pitch return ideas, and even recently today, tried to hitch her wagon to Bray’s release. Matt needs to SERIOUSLY talk to her & give her an intervention or something.

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  2. “Bissoff Sucks”
    Just enough to avoid an injunction….

    Nothing but respect for Cardona. Going into that environment and coming out alive is an achievement in itself. Carrying the strap is somewhat unbelievable. Lovely stuff.

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  3. Looks like you guys posted this too soon because Bray Wyatt just got released today by Vinceland.
    I sincerely hope this a mutual thing, but from all early reports, Vince once again played the chickenshit heel and had The Ace man, Johnny Ace do his dirty work, once again claiming “budget issues.”
    As if the poor guy doesn’t already have enough on his plate mentally, now this…

    Throw in the fact that it’s being reported from multiple sources that Vince had a hand in stoking the heat between Dominos & AEW, you know, using that OLD move from his playbook. But “they’re not competition.” Riiiiiighttt….

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