Wrestling With Sin: 345

Brian Damage

This is the 345th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.


Former WWE wrestler and Nexus member Tyrone Evans aka ‘Michael Tarver,’ recalled his first full year as a pro wrestler. It was 2005 and Evans was just getting his feet wet in the business working independent shows in the Ohio area. During that time, Evans went through a very bitter divorce that left him homeless and sleeping in his car. Barely making any money from wrestling and his ex wife taking 70% of his income….Evans fell into a deep depression.

After a show in Cleveland, Ohio…Evans met up with a friend who hooked him up with muscle relaxers. Evans said he took about 80 pills and drank two bottles of Nyquil with the intention of falling asleep and dying. He had parked his car in front of a friend’s apartment complex and fell asleep. He says he was awakened by an ex girlfriend who he apparently called while in a haze. The ex girlfriend called for an ambulance and EMTs rushed him to a local hospital where his stomach was pumped and saved his life.

After the suicide attempt, Evans realized that there was a reason live and decided to get help and changed his life around.

Podcasting a Shadow of Doubt

Conrad Thompson is affectionately nicknamed ‘The Podfather’ due to him hosting several popular podcasts with the likes of Bruce Prichard, Eric Bischoff, Arn Anderson and Jim Ross. He is also known as the son in law of ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, as Thompson is married to Flair’s eldest daughter Megan.

An old mugshot of his surfaced on the internet by a disgruntled fan. Before really becoming a star in podcasting, Conrad was arrested in February of 2014 in Alabama. The charge was for domestic violence in the third degree which is the least severe. This was stemming from a previous relationship Conrad was involved in before Megan. It also should be noted, that details of the arrest have virtually disappeared from the internet. It is quite possible that the charges were dropped in this case.

Pee Soup Isn’t On The Menu

Madusa recalled a night she went out to dinner with her good friend Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine and his father the late Johnny Valentine in Texas. Johnny Valentine had heard a lot of great things about Madusa as a pro wrestler from his son. He also heard some not so great things about her, like her inability to sell moves from an opponent. While the three were having dinner at the restaurant, Johnny whispered something in his son’s ear.

Greg began to chuckle and Madusa knew something was up. All of a sudden, Johnny begins to urinate under the table and onto the restaurant carpet. All the time keeping a straight face while Madusa’s legs and feet were getting sprayed with his urine. Madusa said she “no sold” the incident and acted like nothing happened. She said that Johnny was trying to test her and apparently she passed.

White Russian Interference

Former WWF star ‘Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell recalled being a traveling partner with Ken Patera. Brunzell claimed that Patera was a very heavy drinker back in the 1980’s. For instance, on the eve of the inaugural WWF Survivor Series pay per view on Thanksgiving, Patera allegedly drank a considerable amount of alcohol. Brunzell claims that Patera started drinking beers at 10 in the morning. As the afternoon arrived, Patera allegedly switched to drinking numerous amounts of White Russians.

The evening before the Survivor Series, Patera drank so much he was vomiting all night. When he arrived at the arena for the show the next day, he was still drunk. It allegedly took some work from WWF officials to get Patera sober enough to compete in the main event of the show.

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3 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 345

    • Yeah I don’t know how anybody would think that’s funny. I met Madusa in the early 90’s and she was hot and still is I believe. 😀


  1. Conrad is one of the trash that was a predatory mortgage broker , he and him caused the last massive national financial collapse. People were homeless instantly left and right. Now he advertises the same predatory services on every podcast. That fat pig is the scum of the earth , he makes Jake Roberts look moral by comparison. He feeds on seniors and low income to exploit them and rip them off in the end taking their homes in financing schemes.


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