Wrestling With Sin: 351

Brian Damage

This is the 351st installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Bruiser Bruises The Bruiser

While working for Dick the Bruiser’s World Wrestling Association (WWA) based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Bruiser Brody came in for a tour of the territory. After one show, Brody was allegedly upset with Dick the Bruiser about his payoff. Brody went into Dick the Bruiser’s office and allegedly confronted the wrestler/promoter feeling he was shorted money.

As a promoter, Dick the Bruiser supposedly had a reputation of pocketing money that was owed to the wrestlers. Bruiser Brody wasn’t going to allow it and allegedly threatened Bruiser to either pay him the money he owed or he would beat it out of him. The Bruiser chose to fight Bruiser Brody and was brutally beaten by the much younger wrestler. No word if Brody ever received the money owed to him or if him beating up Dick the Bruiser was payment enough.

Hot Cake

In 1983, Eddie Gilbert was getting a push in the WWF as the understudy to then WWF champion Bob Backlund. During a match against preliminary wrestler Steve Lombardi, Gilbert and Lombardi had a miscommunication in the ring. After the match, Gilbert allegedly stormed into the dressing room and scolded Lombardi in front of everyone including Lombardi’s friend Andre the Giant.

The next day, it was Eddie Gilbert’s birthday and had a cake delivered to the arena by some fans. Lombardi volunteered to personally take the cake and deliver it to Gilbert. When Lombardi saw Gilbert, he threw the cake into Gilbert’s face as payback for the previous night’s incident. As Gilbert, got up to fight Lombardi…Andre the Giant walked into the room and yelled at Gilbert to sit down or he was going to fight him and not Lombardi. According to Lombardi, Andre ended up hating Eddie Gilbert after that and made it known to him.

Toots Your Own Horn

Joseph ‘Toots’ Mondt was a very successful wrestler turned promoter. In the Summer of 1932, while working in Toronto, Canada…Toots was driving his car with his brother Ralph and a “local dancer” as passengers when his car had a head of collision with another vehicle. The other car was being driven by a man named J. Edward Burnie, who had a female passenger named Theresa Luccioni. Theresa Luccioni who was 21 years old…was killed instantly in the crash.

It was believed that Toots was driving his car at a high speed when the accident occurred. While at the hospital, Toots was questioned by a police officer about the incident. According to the officer, Mondt offered him cash and cigarettes during the questioning. Toots Mondt was ultimately charged with manslaughter and his case went to trial.

Mondt was found guilty and sentenced to a year in prison. Toots would appeal the case and would get the judgement overturned. In the beginning of 1933, the deceased victim’s mother filed a $10,000 lawsuit against Toots in the death of her daughter. Toots’ own brother also sued Toots for $5,000 for pain and suffering. The results of both lawsuits were kept private, but all in all….Toots Mondt spent over $300,000 in legal fees for his defense.

Kindly Leave Your Inhibitions in the Ring

Kindly Myers has appeared for Al Snow’s Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) as the valet to a wrestler named ‘ Luscious Lawrence.’ Myers served 4 years in the United States National Guard and after her service turned into a model. She has been featured in several magazines including Maxim.

She has also graced the cover of Playboy magazine a couple of times. Kindly Myers also has her own OnlyFans site where fans can subscribe for more adult themed content.

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4 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 351

  1. Steve Lombardi’s certainly been fortunate to have been protected by the right people, as we just saw with that story. First by Andre, and then Vince after allegedly being Pat Patterson’s butt buddy. But hey, guess you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do to survive right. Poor Eddie. No wonder Gilbert had no desire to work for the WWF after that.

    Very interesting story about Bruiser Brody and Dick the Bruiser. Honestly never heard that one before.

    Also interesting to see Mondt was always a criminal from the very beginning…

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  2. Brody did get his money, despite was documented in Larry Matysek in his book Wrestling at the Chase or Brody. Dick handed him an envelope with the money the next time he saw Brody.

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