This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 38

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 38th of 2021. Today Brian looks at the cancellation of Ric Flair and Tommy Dreamer and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

Wooooooke – The Cancellation of Ric Flair

The talk of the wrestling world this week was all about Ric Flair and his involvement on the infamous ‘Plane Ride From Hell’ that was documented on an episode of Dark Side of the Ring. While the actual incident in question occurred in 2002, Flair is dealing with the ramifications now after the episode aired. Flair has lost bookings and his deal with being a TV spokesperson for the company Car Shield has been suspended for the time being. WWE has also removed Flair’s trademark woooo catchphrase from the introduction of their programming.

It was pretty much inevitable that Flair would wind up on AEW television…but now that seems to be in jeopardy as well. All this has happened after Ric Flair requested and was granted his WWE release to pursue other ventures which included appearing on Mexico’s AAA Triplemania show and also appearing on Billy Corgan’s NWA show. What once seemed like one last big run for the 16 time world champion…now appears to be cancelled and the career of Flair in the wrestling business has…at least for now…been put on pause.

Social media has been a hot bed for wrestling fans arguing about this situation and if Flair deserves what he is getting in the court of public opinion. Some have argued this happened in 2002 and the flight attendant who was allegedly sexually assaulted by Flair accepted a pay out to keep quiet. Some fans say it was just Flair being Flair and this story was nothing earth shattering. Others have contested that despite when the alleged incident happened….Ric Flair should be punished for his actions.

Tommy Dreamer, who defended Flair’s behavior and joked about it on the show…was suspended by Impact Wrestling and subsequently put on leave from the radio show he co hosted. Both men apologized for their actions, but many say it isn’t enough. Personally, I have never met Ric Flair, but his reputation certainly precedes itself. Dreamer I have met and in a rather hostile situation and despite that…came off as nothing but a level headed gentleman. I am not defending or condoning what Dreamer said…just speaking from my personal experience.

In this new world we live in where news and events are immediate….actions like the ones that took place on that plane would never be tolerated today. Yes, it happened over 19 years ago, but does that lessen what Flair and others did that day? Flair admits his past digressions and owns them…..just not this one. Did he do it? Didn’t he do it? Others say he did. I see both sides to the story and understand both sides being outraged and others defending him.

As someone on social media pointed out…if Flair was a pizza delivery guy and did that…would you want him punished or just play it off as him being him. It did happen close to 20 years ago, and from all indications Ric Flair has turned his life around somewhat since his near death experience over 5 years ago. Is that enough? I am not a judge and jury. If we cancel Ric Flair and Tommy Dreamer, what about the countless other wrestlers who have also done similar things during their days on the road? Overall, it is a bad situation that is now magnified through social media. Will Flair ever be able to recover from this situation…seeing how things are nowadays…my guess is no. Hulk Hogan is still feeling the ramifications for things he has done and said over the years. Tommy Dreamer may eventually recover and I think he will…it just needs to take time.

Photo Gallery

Perfect! LOL

Classic pic of Hulk Hogan and the first WWF action figures or dolls…whatever you call them.

In the movies…just like pro wrestling…things aren’t always what they seem.

Brock Lesnar age 20.

Rated R I am sure…

Awesome drawing

A look at AEW’s set at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, NY

Congrats on the engagement of Karion Kross and Scarlett

This was once WWE TV…Candice Michelle and Kelly Kelly

Former “Lashley Lady” Mia Lanz

Danielle Moinet aka Summer Rae

Frenemies…Salina De La Renta and Alicia Atout

AEW’s Dasha Kuret

Former Nitro Girl Chae

Video Gallery

Stephanie McMahon in a commercial for making collect calls in 2003.

Here is the behind the scenes footage of filming that commercial as it aired on WWE Confidential….

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40 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 38

  1. Who watches anything with Carrot Top? He was never funny. He was just a flash-in-the-pan, one-note comedian like that douchebag Dane Cook. Anyone remember him?

    This whole cancel culture thing is stupid and it’s proof that this generation of snowflakes are no different from the people from the far right. Yes, what Ric Flair did was awful but who didn’t do stupid shit like that then? Who are these people? Why do they get off in making everyone else’s life miserable because of something stupid they did a long time ago?


    • This is a surprising comment coming from someone who gets so easily triggered himself. I’ve read this site for years, and whenever someone disagrees with you, you act like someone flipped a switch. Or pulled a trigger, if you will.

      But given how people act, especially the ones who always whine about “woke this” and “cancelled that,” I shouldn’t be surprised.

      We could just call it down the middle and say treat people like equal humans, but that’s surely too much work.


    • This is a surprising comment coming from someone who gets so easily triggered himself. I’ve read this site for years, and whenever someone disagrees with you, you act like someone flipped a switch. Or pulled a trigger.

      But given how people act, especially the ones who always whine about “woke this” and “cancelled that,” I shouldn’t be surprised.

      We could just call it down the middle and say treat people like equal humans, but that’s surely too much work.

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    • Ooh You’re Mother Comments 😂 How Edgey And She Probably Did But Not Much As You Dream Of Sucking Him Off It Seems . Maybe One-day When You’re 600lb Can Move Out You’re Basement You Can


    • For someone who attacks anyone who doesn’t agree with you yea I’m one ,told me to grow up cause I said I put the truth . Take your own words you jump at someone Kenny jazzhands who clearly trolling


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      • I have no problem with gay people as I am bi-curious yet… it seems you’re the one with the problem. I maybe short and plump but I’m not some 0 like all of those bodybuilders you love. Bret Hart was right. Bodybuilders are 0s in life.


      • I don’t have problem with anyone ones sexuality you’re what you are at no part have I made any homophobic comment it was you who came across that way .and I don’t have list what I’ve achieve my life on the net cause I’m not a chump yeah I could easily come back with some point quip and this go on another 3-4 day’s but this really boring now . I’ve got better things to do let’s draw a line dude how pointless is this shit really I throw insult at you sometimes not even that and you throw one back it going nowhere .let’s just agree to disagree you never see it how I do n I won’t your way .


  2. Flair was be the same person he been since the 80s he wasnt in the wrestling bubble he been in for years . When just the boys and ring rats and some like minded people it fly but you add not wrestling public or fans the stuff they do in lockerroom or on road just look insane . Times have changed and every seem so touche now days but holding things against people past is wrong . Dreamer defend is dreamer being dreamer . Tho it depends what company u go work for on some fan s defend or get upset by now days

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  3. Lots of opinions on this, and no doubt there will be plenty more.
    My two cents (not that anyone asked nor probably cares)
    Flair pretty much got away with what he did. Yes the flight attendant decided to settle due to the advice of her husband rather than going through a lengthy legal battle that no doubt, Vince would have his lawyers fight & drag out because they could afford it.
    For Dreamer to criticize her decision is pretty much a form of victim-shaming. I highly, HIGHLY doubt he’d be cool if any of his two young daughters or even wife, were subject to a random guy doing that to them on a plane or anywhere, be it a celeb or not. So it definitely surprised me that he decided to downplay it rather than call it for what it was.
    At least RVD stood up for her…which resulted in Flair publicly condemning him & accusing him of attempting to destroy his reputation…which is basically what Flair’s being doing his entire life with his actions over the years. The guy never grew up & it clearly shows.

    So is he getting his due? Yes. What upsets me is how much & for how long Vince covered all this up unless you explicitly looked for it yourself. They even made light of it a couple times on Camp WWE for fucks’ sake. Also, he’s NOW “cancelling” Flair because it’s what expected of a publicly traded company, and is simply following the trend rather than reprimanding him back then like he did when he fired Henning, Goldust and Scott Hall. Removing him now is simply ingenuine and lip service to investors.

    Should the action of the past be used against in a court of public opinion? I’m sure that’s going to be open to debate for years & years to come, as it really & truly depends on the person & the actions.
    You can’t always compare the past actions of say, murderers & rapists & the accountability still attached to those that said or did dumb & ignorant shit when they were young. Apples & oranges there folks.

    I don’t believe in the overly PC & overly sensitive cancel culture we’re currently living in. Too much room for abusing & appropriating what was supposed to be a legit response to saying & doing legit bad things that truly were offensive. Now it’s just gotten way out of hand, continually blurring the lines of what is legit wrong & what’s deemed wrong because someone simply doesn’t like it.
    We’re truly head toward George Orwell’s 1984 one way or another…

    Hell of a world to live in these days that’s for sure…

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  4. Ok yes I said wasn’t in his wrestling bubble I wasn’t say it was right or wrong . The attended who chose to accept the deal out court that should be end off as both parties was happy with it . I’m sure it be resurfacing as hurt her as much as flair . If nothing been done then he should answer .


  5. There was not a point, after the Plane Ride story did I think Flair’s actions weren’t true. He has a history or erratic behavior and alcoholism. He denies the physical assault but I think the details of the lawsuit should be disclosed. Also, how ironic is it that WWE disassociated themselves with him immediately after this hit but his response to his comments to Kanyon, in the next Dark Side episode was that his job was to hold the company line. He broke the heart of someone who looked up to him just to stand up for a company that didn’t do the same for him?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Exactly. Well that he had more incentive to toe the company line because he owed Vince when Vince bailed him out of tax debt at the time (Source: His own autobiography)
      Paid his taxes off, so I’m sure, in addition to giving him a job there, he felt a sense of loyalty & obligation to Vince to defend the company. Was that wrong of him? Well that certainly depend on his motives for doing so. If it was more so out of obligation than being sincere, sure, but if even it was sincere, Vince was CLEARLY in the wrong for what he did to Kanyon & allowed to happen to him. Not just Vince, EVERYONE involved in his mistreatment deserves blame.

      I think he’s denying the sexual assault bc he was either too drunk to remember he did it or he simply doesn’t want to own up to it. Doing so would no doubt cause a lot of grief for his daughter Charlotte & current wife.

      And of again, how disingenuous of Vince & the company to chastise him NOW when it’s trendy instead of a). sooner when it should’ve been & b). it had no problem with his previous brushes with the law, like oh say his infamous Road Rage incident from Nov of 2005, which quickly turned into a storyline feud w/ Edge rather than cancelling & firing him then.


  6. Ninvoid is a whiny lil guy.

    It’s couldn’t care less, could care less implies there’s some leeway…

    Russian said rose tinted glasses in another post and you thought he meant your pfp…

    You clearly lack reading comprehension. Moron

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