Wrestling With Sin: 352

Brian Damage

This is the 352nd installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Hawaii 5 Oh?

Mr. Wrestling II aka Johnny Walker wrestled from the mid 1950’s to the late 1980’s. His most successful years coming in the 1970’s. He was considered a favorite of both President Jimmy Carter and his mother Lillian, who were both wrestling fans. Mr. Wrestling II was invited to the White House on a number of occasions.

In August of 1953, before his wrestling career took off, Johnny Walker was arrested in Waikiki, Hawaii at the age of 18. He was one of 9 males arrested in connection of the gang rape of a 15 year old girl. Walker had to register as a sex offender. Walker passed away in 2020 at the age of 85.

Bell to Cell

In 2005, former WWE senior VP of licensing and merchandising….James Bell was arrested and charged with mail fraud. While a WWE executive from 1998 until 2000, Bell allegedly arranged an outside WWE licensing agent to receive commissions on licensing agreements it was not entitled to. The outside firm would then give James Bell kickbacks as a part of their deal without WWE’s consent.

Facing up to five years in jail, Bell plead guilty to one federal count of mail fraud. He was sentenced to eight months in prison and three years probation. WWE also sued Bell and the outside licensing firm in a civil suit.

The Power of Crist Compels You

Pro wrestler/trainer Dave Crist was accused by his ex girlfriend of mental and sexual abuse when the two were together. The ex’s name is ‘Hannah Horror’ an artist who claimed that Crist had multiple affairs and let her know about them. She also claimed that Crist took a knife and threatened to destroy her paintings, flipped over tables in anger because she asked for a kiss in public and allegedly set traps to get her to look through his phone and see text messages from other women.

Hannah’s biggest accusation was that she got drunk and passed out in a cab and Crist allegedly took her to his home and forcibly had sex with her multiple times without her consent. Crist and his brother Jake were a tag team competing for Impact Wrestling at the time the accusations came out. Dave Crist was subsequently released from the company.

Burning Bridges

Comedian and wrestling personality Jason Sensation claims that former WWE announcer Kevin Kelly bullied him mercilessly while Sensation was in WWF’s developmental territory in Memphis, Tennessee. According to Sensation, Kevin Kelly was helping run that territory for the WWF and was not fond of Jason Sensation. Kelly was allegedly extremely critical of Jason and put him down constantly in front of other wrestlers. Kevin Kelly also badmouthed him to WWF management.

Sensation said the constant bullying by Kelly started putting Sensation into a mental tailspin. Sensation who has always battled depression was getting worse due to Kelly’s repeated criticisms. When Jason was released by the WWF, it was Kevin Kelly who delivered the news. One of the last things Kelly sarcastically said to Sensation was allegedly “Don’t go jump off a bridge now” knowing Sensation’s battle with depression.

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7 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 352

  1. I wondered why the crists just disappeared. Seems Dave has lot of issues going on .
    Jason senstion didn’t also threat to kill himself when raw was in Toronto a few years ago on Twitter


  2. Always hated Mr. Wrestling 2. HATED him. Never knew the rape story, What a scuz bucket. Following on from the Jason Sensation/Kevin Kelly story, several years back there was a certain wrestling podcast (and I am sorry, I am blanking on the name) that Kevin Kelly was a special guest/co-host on. Quite a good show. One week when the main host and Kelly were not on it, Jason Sensation called in. He stated that he was bullied and abused by Kevin (Mordecai) Thorne after he pranked him with the old “ketchup on the windshield wipers” gag. Jason said that Thorne threatened him with violence repeatedly and reports to the WWE about it all came to nothing (Indeed, Jason said that a response from Bruce Prichard was “Well just be glad it wasn’t the Undertaker, he would have killed you.”). It came to a head when Jason went back to his hotel one night, was accosted by Thorne who held him down, stripped him naked, and stole his room key. This forced Jason to go to the desk, totally nude and ask for a key to get in his room. Jason stated that Kevin Kelly did nothing about any of this, he left his number, and said he was willing to be called up the next week, and go one on one with Kelly on air. The next week, Jason did not answer his phone and no discussion/debate/argument ever happened. Kevin Kelly for his part, said he knew nothing about any of this, and was quite high Jason, feeling he had potential. Honestly, I do tend to side with Jason, knowing the history of bullying and abuse in McMahon Land. But I was not there, so who knows the truth? I just wish we had gotten the one on one between the two.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Wow, and I thought Kevin Kelly was a wholesome type of guy. Didn’t know he did needless shit like that. Wow. I mean I’d like to know if he ever acknowledged & refuted these claims or not though.
    But if true, fuck that guy for doing that.

    Speaking of fuck…never did care for pedos/chomos and apparently yes, Mr. Wrestling #2 was one. Disgusting. And how again now was he so beloved if it was common knowledge, at least amongst the wrestlers that he was into that shit? I guess he got a pass because he “saved professional wrestling” after that infamous 1975 plane crash. Fuck him. Plane crash must’ve been karma that caused unexpected collateral damage.

    So Dave Crist is just as much a piece of shit as his brother Jake huh? I’ll never understand men (or women) that do treat their significant others like that for no real reason. I also don’t get how Sami Callihan remained unscathed from hanging out with those two. I’m guessing bc he’s not an abusive piece of shit like them, but it doesn’t say too much for him considering the company he used to keep.

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  4. I always had Kevin Kelly down as k guy too you gusse just go to show .
    Sami is and was booker for couple company’s (impact and mlw) as well his own company so he little more protected from stories be leaked heard rumours time to time and did seem get realised as mlw booker around the #metoo movement but they may be just that as he seem happy with jessiak havkoc they been item for 7 years I think still are .

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