This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 47

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 47th of 2021. Today Brian addresses the rumors and the realities of even more pro wrestling companies starting up soon and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

Jonathan Gresham is the latest to throw his hat in the ring as a promoter.

Can Fans Sustain Even More Wrestling?

The pro wrestling world is certainly shifting as of late. With WWE releasing talent at a rapid pace and Ring of Honor going on “hiatus and releasing all of their talent….AEW, Impact, MLW, New Japan and NWA simply cannot sign everyone. That leaves a lot of extremely talented wrestlers as free agents. Some will eventually get signed to one of those aforementioned promotions…but not everyone will be so lucky. We may see a renaissance of the independent promotions with some really big names…but can they afford it?

In recent days, there have been rumblings of multiple promotions possibly popping up. First off, former Ring of Honor star Jonathan Gresham is starting his own promotion called ‘Terminus: Modern Age Grappling’ that will debut in January of 2022. While Gresham has stated that his group will not sign talent to exclusive deals…and just use contracted talent from other promotions…it just may be another place for wrestlers to hone their craft.

There were also rumors that Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon were considering opening their own wrestling/sports entertainment company. The rumor seemed to gain a bit of traction considering the way Triple H’s father in law Vince McMahon has seemingly erased most of what Triple tried to build with NXT. Dave Meltzer was asked about that rumor and he stated that currently Triple H is dealing with serious health issues with his heart and there are zero plans to break away from WWE.

The most recent rumor has the self proclaimed “Podfather” Conrad Thompson opening up a wrestling company with the co founder of TNA/Impact Wrestling and WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett. The two have used social media to tease the possibility and Jeff himself hasn’t denied anything. When asked if he would be interested in forming another company….He said he still had interest and believes with all the available talent out there…he could create compelling storytelling.

Of course, the last time Jarrett attempted to start a new promotion, it was with his wife Karen and at the time was battling alcoholism. Global Force Wrestling had a ton of potential and had the idea to have various working agreements with different promotions around the world. Some claim it was just a scam, while others blamed Jarrett’s personal issues got in the way. In any case, GFW never fully developed despite taping episodes for TV and almost taking over Impact Wrestling. Could a sober Jeff Jarrett and Conrad successfully create a new organization?

The big question is…is the marketplace already oversaturated with professional wrestling? Is there room for another group or two to become profitable? I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. It depends on if a network and financial backers are willing to invest in them. Too many wrestling programs could eventually lead to wrestling “jumping the shark” aka getting stale once again. I am a big supporter of having more companies for wrestlers to make a decent living…so to me…the more the merrier…if it can be doable. I am not completely sure that it is.


Photo Gallery

A Crockett Thanksgiving!

Hey Buddies…We hope your Thanksgiving was a good one…if you actually celebrated it.

Someone created a WWE Future releases Bingo Card.

They say things happen in 3’s. That happened this week when it was announced that AEW’s Tay Conti has been separated from her husband Jorge.

NWA’s Velvet Sky and Bully Ray

Lastly, Andrade unfollowed Charlotte Flair on Twitter. Not exactly an official split…but close enough I guess.

Vince Game 😉

Just Dusty and his Tab…and a Gucci purse apparently! lol

Nailed It!

Batista Batista Bombing Drax

Dub-ya Cee Dub-Ya Wrasslin’

Too Sweet!

Rhonda Shear with Shawn Michaels…

Sable doing Sable things.

NXT’s ‘La Madrina’ Elektra Lopez

Kimberly Page

Angelina Love

BFF’s Sonya and Mandy


Video Gallery

That time when WWE had a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2001.


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6 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 47

  1. To any future or young professional wrestlers: STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THAT PIECE OF SHIT SLAP-NUTZ!!!!! He’s a fucking leech that will latch on towards anything and is a never-was.

    Tay Conti and Velvet Sky are single? YES!!!!!! Fuck you Bully Ray you ugly-ass fat cunt.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol, you sound angry this morning. To the main story, I agree with the premise of more promotions means more opportunities in THEORY for wrestlers. But the reality is the demand isn’t large enough to be profitable for an honest promoter. So we will be back to guys wrestling for small to little pay and the inevitable reports of wrestlers getting stiffed. Until the demand increases, if it ever does again, a successful new promotion is a pipe dream.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Exactly. Like you said in theory, more options for wrestlers to work is a good thing, but the supply is becoming greater than the demand, thus problems will inevitably arise. Looks like we’re seeing the return of the territory system for the modern era. Maybe it never truly went away, just evolved and changed into something else. Either way I definitely wish Gresham much luck & success in this new business endeavor.


      • Well, it’s actually late. Plus, I don’t trust anyone who created 2 promotions. One of which failed by his own dumb pyramid scheme and the other just basically kicked him out because he wasn’t drawing a dime while was stealing other men’s wives.


  2. There dos need be new promotion or promotions something that been required for long time .
    Conrad should look for better partner then Jeff Jarrett the guy Leach’s and trys to rob anyone in business with him blind (ie Jarretts gold scam few others that not be revealed as well that been around for awhile ) .
    Also Jarrett promotion means more Russo booking and no one need that state wrestling in it really would kill the business now days .

    Liked by 1 person

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