Wrestling With Sin: 361

Brian Damage

This is the 361st installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

A French Twist

Raul Musson was a French grappler who earned the name of Le Boucher (The Butcher) because one of his early side jobs was working as a butcher. The more success Musson garnered as a professional wrestler, the more famous he became. So much so, he eventually quit his butcher job and wrestled all over the world full time. Now known under the name of Raoul Le Boucher, Musson wrestled from 1899 until 1907.

Le Boucher became a national hero in France during this time. One of Boucher’s biggest rivals was a Russian by the name of Ivan Poddubny. The man from Moscow got the upper hand in two matches against Boucher that hurt Boucher’s credibility in his native France. On a tour of Milan, Italy…Le Boucher allegedly met up with the Italian mafia and hired two men to put a hit on Poddubny. The mobsters were unable to successfully get to Ivan Poddubny, failing in their mission.

That, however, did not stop the mafia to collect what was owed to them by Le Boucher. Raoul Le Boucher refused to pay for their failure and was subsequently murdered for non payment in Nice, France in February of 1907. When news of Le Boucher’s death got out…the reports were that he died of bronchitis. Some believe those reports were the French press’ way of protecting the credibility of their hero. In any case, Raoul Le Boucher was dead at the young age of 24.

Burlesque is More

Shaul Guerrero is the eldest daughter of Eddy and Vickie Guerrero. She has attempted to get herself involved in wrestling several times including earning a developmental contract with WWE, appearing on Lucha Underground, and ring announcing for both Women of Wrestling and All Elte Wrestling. Despite her various attempts at returning to pro wrestling in some capacity….Shaul has ultimately walked away from it each time. Shaul cited a great deal of anxiety with trying to live up to her father’s name in the business and that has led to an eating disorder as mentioned here and depression.

Shaul feels most comfortable performing at Burlesque shows under the name of “Miss Nyxon.” Guerrero has also done some semi nude photo shoots. Guerrero hasn’t ruled out another eventual return to pro wrestling.

Hercs Percs

While going on a tour of Germany for a promotion called World Wrestling Superstars in 1993, Hercules Hernandez took a handful of pills believed to be Percocet before the plane took off. Former wrestler the Warlord said that Hercules was completely out of it during the flight. Warlord claims that one minute Hercules was passed out and the next minute he grabbed a female passenger sitting next to him in a headlock. The flight attendants were able to get Hercules to release the hold and he passed out again.

One of the pilots came out from the cockpit to check on the wrestler and warn him not to put his hands on anybody else. The Warlord says Hercules then placed the pilot in a headlock. The pilot eventually got free and when the plane landed in Munich…police were awaiting the flight. Warlord says that the police boarded the plane and escorted Hercules off. Warlord said the rest of the passengers sat and waited for a couple of hours before they could get off the plane.

When the wrestlers got off the plane, they were expecting to go to the Munich police and get Hercules released from jail. Instead, they found Hercules passed out on the wrestlers tour bus. Apparently, the police did not want to deal with the wrestler and just left him on the bus for the other wrestlers to deal with.

Meth to His Madness

Sean Waltman has been very honest and blunt about his past history of substance abuse during his professional wrestling career. While Waltman was wrestling for TNA as Syxx Pac, he said his drug problems were growing out of control. While not specific of the exact date, he said it was before a match against AJ Styles where Waltman snuck into a bathroom and did Meth.

While Waltman was getting high on Meth, his opponent Styles was walking all over the building looking to go over their match later that evening. Waltman insisted that despite being messed up on the drug, he wrestled as well as he ever had before and nobody was the wiser.

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6 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 361

  1. Raul Musson only died at the age of 24? Damn, he sure as hell looks older than that in his photo. Man, we humans sure did age faster back then. Hope Shaul Guerrero is happy and finds success in what she does. Sometimes wrestling is not for everyone, even if you do have family relations to the business. Hercules’ story is another example of how flights, drugs, and wrestlers do not mix.

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  2. The story about Shaul Guerrero does not belong in a post called “Wrestling with Sin”. If you want to put it in some other news post or whatever happened to, that is one thing. A person’s anxiety and eating disorder should not be labeled a sin!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The title is just a title that was developed back in 2014. I am not labeling her as evil in any way, but her depression, anxiety and eating disorder have certainly crippled her and that is what I was focusing on.


  3. Ivan Poddubny is legend in Russia they say he never lost a legitimate fight and was one true shooters of the wrestling business he was called the champion of champions and Russian Hercules. there was also rumor he was a bodyguard for head of Russian mob .
    There a movie Поддубный is his love story . The movie iron Ivan is Hollywood take on the man .

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