Top Five Titles You Associate With Wrestlers.

Brian Damage

This week’s Top Five is about championship belts that you see them, you immediately associate with a particular wrestler.


The Intercontinental title – The HonkyTonk Man

The version of the WWF/WWE Intercontinental title shown above, automatically makes me think of The Honkytonk Man. And why not? Honkytonk was and still is the longest reigning champion of all time.

Mid South North American Title – Magnum TA

Admittedly, this version Mid South North American title is not my favorite championship belt to look at. With that said, whenever I see it online or in a book…my mind immediately goes to Magnum TA, who held the title twice.

The United States Heavyweight Title – Lex Luger

This version of the NWA U.S. title makes me think of nobody else but ‘The Total Package’ Lex Luger. Lex held the title four times with one reign last 523 days.

NWA World’s Title (Ten Pounds of Gold) – Harley Race

There have been many champions who have held this title…but to me…the minute I see this belt…I think of the late, great Harley Race.

The WCW/WWE World Heavyweight title (The Big Gold Belt) – Ric Flair

I mean, could there be another? Maybe, but The Nature Boy Ric Flair to me…will always be forever linked to the Big Gold Belt.

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7 thoughts on “Top Five Titles You Associate With Wrestlers.

  1. WWF/WWE

    The Winged Eagle WWE Championship-Hogan, Randy Savage, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels
    The Intercontinental Title-Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Honky Tonk Man, Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart, & Shawn Michaels
    Old WWE Tag Team Titles-L.O.D., Demolition, the Nasty Boys, and Money Inc.


    Ten Pounds of Gold-Harley Race
    Big Gold Belt-Ric Flair
    NWA TV Title-Arn Anderson

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  2. WWF Winged Eagle Hulk Hogan
    WWF I.C Mr.Perfect
    WWF Tag Titles Demolition
    NWA 10 pounds of gold Harley Race
    WCW Big Gold Belt Ric Flair


  3. Big gold belt : Ric Flair
    Nwa 10lb gold : Harley Race
    WWF IC :Mr Perfect
    WWF world winged eagle : Hulk Hogan
    Nwa TV : Arn Anderson


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