This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 48

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 48th of 2021. Today Brian takes a look at the once huge market that the McMahon family monopolized for years, that no longer seems to be in their control anymore and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

Vince McMahon and WWE No Longer the Kings of New York?

As Frank Sinatra once sang…”If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere,” that is certainly true when it comes to New York. For decades and decades, the McMahon family made their names and much of their money in NYC. Starting in the old days of the territories, the McMahon’s were located in one of the most prime pieces of real estates operating out of the ‘Big Apple.’ It was there, where wrestlers usually made the most money and received the most exposure.

When Vince Jr expanded the WWF into what would eventually be known as WWE, he did it using New York City and Madison Square Garden as the promotion’s hub. Most of the biggest events, segments and debuts occurred under the bright lights of NYC. The WWF/WWE always called New York home starting a restaurant in Times Square, having Wrestlemania begin in MSG and even having their own float in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. While the territories all dissolved and wrestling became national and global….New York was still McMahon territory.

That is up until the last few years. As I’ve written before, WWE has used Madison Square Garden less and less. It is no longer the place to be for huge WWE events as it always once was. McMahon outgrew the “world’s most famous arena for bigger and grander stages like baseball and football stadiums. He basically ignored places like the Garden much to the benefit of other organizations like Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Vince will still hold events in MSG…but it certainly isn’t like it used to be. The Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn and the new UBS Arena on the border of Queens and Long Island have also hosted WWE shows. The thing is, they are no longer guaranteed sell outs or close to it as they once were. It was reported that All Elite Wrestling actually outsold WWE tickets for their own event at the brand new UBS Arena which not long ago seemed unheard of.

In fact, AEW has really made great strides in the coveted New York City market having a huge turn out at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens over the Summer. The thing is, New York fans are considered more like “smart marks” like in other places like Chicago. There is a big difference from being a wrestling fan than a WWE fan. It’s why ECW was able to really have success there during their existence. They want more wrestling than mystery capers surrounding a golden egg.

Perhaps, Vince became too comfortable and complacent about the New York market and how fans there really view pro wrestling as opposed to sports entertainment. From my view, NYC is no longer a WWE town…certainly not like it used to be.

Photo Gallery

A cool drawing of the Hulkster

Speaking of Hulk Hogan, he recently took a picture of his weight loss.

An awesome painting of Papa Shango.

WCW Simpsonized!



Candid photo of the late Sensational Sherri and the Anvil Jim Neidhart

Edge and a luchador…which is which?

Before and After…APA edition.

What Randy Orton would look like with long hair.

The Bloodline


NXT’s Kay Lee Ray

Tylene Buck formerly known as Major Gunns in WCW

Melissa Santos (AEW Brian Cage’s wife)


Jordynne Grace

Video Gallery

The Top 10 Moves of the Late, Great ‘Handsome’ Harley Race

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18 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2021 Week 48

  1. That rumor about Tony Khan buying up all of those tickets for the USB arena is just petty and sad. Meekmahan just has to accept the reality that he’s out of touch as are his cronies in Brother Love, Bucktooth Beaver Bitch, Mr. People Power, and Nick Khan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll agree the NY market isn’t what it once was for Vince but the overall profit numbers show those you listed aren’t out of touch with how to print money and do exactly what their shareholders expect. Regardless of what you and I enjoy or feel about their product, they are financial geniuses. And all the name calling in the world isn’t changing that anytime soon.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Could you please explain this “out of touch” concept to me? I seem to be too dumb to get it. Everyone’s been calling Jim Cornette out of touch for years. Then a match happens on AEW that is exactly like what Cornette’s always been preaching wrestling should look like (MJF vs Darby) and everyone loves it (even Meltzerites, although not quite as much as the things Guru Dave tells them they should love more). Wouldn’t this mean that it’s the fans who were out of touch?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t think Jim Cornette is out of touch with what is happening as he seems to know more than what Meekmahan does. He’s just a cranky old guy that is more into the old style though he has been praising some things AEW does. I’m indifferent to what he says but I still have some respect for what he does and says.

        Liked by 1 person

    • The truth is Tony khan more then likely did buy the NYC tickets the same way he pays meltzer and number of pod cast thru hus shell and advisement company’s and deals .
      I can’t blame the guy it business and smart at that it hits the biggest company creates a buzz and shows he not got back away from try run Vince’s turf . If anything it a young Vince move .


      • “The Truth” & “Likely”? Do you have proof he actually did that? Seems like you’re just repeated what you read somewhere else & have accepted it as gospel.


      • MAXIMYSTIC LIMITED bought 3 thousand tickets for the usb show NYC which then sent them to six other companies as gifts and rewards for advice and ads . They then gave to employs or sold to ticket company’s on line or eBay by employees .
        Which ok gos on in business but when you look at MAXIMYSTIC LIMITED is based in the UK is little strange but you look at maximystic ltd is a sub company registered at company house UK to Fulham football club ltd who is owned by Shan khan and ran by Tony khan . I wonder who could have brought them tickets ? I mean it couldn’t be could it ?


      • Actually seen the MAXIMYSTIC LIMITED thing and I know someone who was involved in part of it buying now did the order come straight from khan il can not say do I care not really . If did good for him like I said it common for many Europes top teams owns to do this and in mid East to I don’t have problem with it . It balances books keeps stadiums happy creates a buzz about you’re company and creates a demand for your tickets as fans will want see the next. Hot show good for Tony and in end be best for business .


    • Who the f ? Is Joel osteen and don’t and couldn’t give two shit I seen prove and know some who is upper management and purchased number of tickets for the company and gift to a company in back ass of Qatar who the gift to talk sport radio in who then ran a comp to win two of them and 3 others they received was given to there employees .they ran two other comps and 3 there sister stations through Europe .if you wanted more proff the info is out there .


    • @ninvoid99
      Actually, the question was: ‘Could you please explain this “out of touch” concept to me?’ I never asked for your opinion about Jim Cornette, I just used him as an example of some facts.
      Also, I’ve never heard of Joel Osteen either. Now you can gasp in horror once again…


      • Joel Osteen is some piece of shit American televangelist who believes that in order to go to Heaven. You must put-a-dolla-in-the-box-a.

        “Out of Touch” is just a term that explains what happens when you get older and you see things you don’t understand or are disconnected from. In the case of Vince, he has disconnected himself from everything his father and grandfather had created into something that is more entertainment based.

        I think ever since the death of WCW, the idea of pro wrestling in Vince’s mind seems to be passe even though it never died. The fact that he is rehashing ideas from the 1980s/1990s that may have worked back then doesn’t work now.

        Having stopped watching WWE programming in late 2014 while being aware that there were smaller wrestling companies like Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, and Impact (then known as Total Nonstop Action) as well as companies in Mexico and New Japan. It took me a while to realize that these wrestling companies didn’t have WWE’s production values.

        Here’s a video about the 2000-mid-2000s period of New Japan known as Inokiism that attempted to fuse MMA and pro wrestling and how it almost killed New Japan:


      • @ninvoid99
        You really need to pay more attention. I never asked who Joel Osteen was, what made you think I care?
        And I realize what “out of touch” is supposed to mean. What I wanted to do was try to make you realize that your opinions aren’t necessarily facts. I failed miserably, didn’t know what I was up against…


      • “Out Of Touch” Is Easy Explained If Don’t Look At A 5foot Nothing Skinny Guy Who Dos Really Bad Gymnastics And Couldn’t fight His Way Out Wet Paper Bag and Looks Like Local 2 Year Olds Can Beat Him Up And You Don’t Think He clearly Should Be World champion or The Greatest Wrestler Ever Then You’re Out Of Touch


  2. Getting complacent is exactly why Vince’s company is where it’s at right now in terms of quality of content. Yes they’re making record profit year in & year out despite the constant diminishing quality of product & lowest ratings for both shows (more so for RAW than Smackdown)
    Of course that’s highly debatable how long networks are going to be happy that trend, companies like FOX per say even more so than long time home USA might just decide to drop them for someone else in the long run. Should be interesting to see how that plays out.
    Point being, Vince should take what’s been happening lately as a serious sign to start getting better creatively & stop taking the fans’ goodwill for granted.


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