Top Five Greatest Opponents Against Hulk Hogan

Brian Damage and Lowlife Louie Ramos

This week’s Top Five will be who were your top five greatest adversaries against Hulk Hogan? Wrestlers that made great heels/babyfaces and pushed Hogan to be one of the biggest stars of any generation.


The Big Bossman

This is a very underrated feud that should be talked about more, but often gets overlooked. Weird, considering it was a very profitable program for the WWF back then. The Big Bossman brutally beating Hogan with a night stick and culminating in a cage match. Fans turned out in droves for this feud.

King Kong Bundy

To me, when King Kong Bundy repeatedly squashed Hulk Hogan with splashes and avalanches stretchering him out on Saturday Night’s Main Event…it was the first opponent I considered a legitimate threat to Hogan’s invincibility. Their steel cage match at Wrestlemania 2 was a bit of a disappointment, but make no mistake…Bundy did make a credible heel opponent to Hogan and his world title.

Andre the Giant

Having Andre the Giant turn heel and challenge Hogan to a title match at Wrestlemania 3 was a great call. Here was Andre being built up for so many years as an unbeatable giant and then shockingly challenge his good friend Hogan to a match. The build up was excellent, which included a very intense contract signing that set the table for this huge showdown.


In WCW, when Hulk went “Hollywood” and turned heel joining the New World Order….he was a renaissance in his long career which looked like it was coming close to an end. Enter Sting with his Crow gimmick and you had one of the greatest build ups to a main event showdown between these two icons. Granted, the match they had at Starrcade was nothing to really write home about, but it doesn’t take away the heat that was generated between the two.

Paul Orndorff

This was Hulk’s greatest foe in the WWF. The feud of the decade in the 1980’s as far as I am concerned. Orndorff turning heel aon his best friend and aligning with Bobby Heenan was fantastic and sold out arenas all over the country.



Phenomenal topic

5) Earthquake 1990. 

Hulk had just lost the strap to the Ultimate Warrior . A few weeks later he was ambushed by the Earthquake.  A giant of a man, who injured the Hulkster on the brother love show. The video package that followed was so emotional people actually thought Hogan had retired, or worse…. Hogan would get revenge and eventually win the feud.. Years later a shark would circle WCW waters in an attempt to again destroy Hulkamania. 

4) Mr Wonderful

Supercards in the 80s where usually relegated to Starcade, great American basha and of course Wrestlemania. But on the back of their second feud, this one stemming from the betrayal Mr Wonderful enacted on the Hulkster.  On the back of this feud bearly 60,000 people packed Toronto’s exhibition stadium to watch them battle inThe Big Event.. a match where people thought Orndorff won the title until a reversal of the call.

3) Ric Flair

The dream match of the 80s. WWF VS NWA, finally materialized in WWF in 1991, as the real world’s champion, Ric Flair made his way up north. .what was supposed to be a meeting of the legends at Wrestlemania 8 was scrapped and changed. In 1994 the roles were reversed, with Hogan heading down and challenging Flair..WCW did not drop the ball..using the marquee match as the main event of bash at the beach…

2) Rowdy Roddy Piper

MTV , live pro wrestling and the ultimate bad guy in the Rowdy one.. this shattered records for cable television viewership..Hogan and Piper would never ever get a clear winner ,even many years later..As they both again battled in WCW and back in the WWE..But that original feud is the catalyst for what is now today considered wrestling’s super bowl…Wrestlemania 

1) Andre the Giant

For the uneducated..Hogan and Andre feuded way back in 1980. With Hulk the villain and Andre the bonafide biggest good guy in wrestling.  But in 1987..someone, mainly Bobby Heenan got in the Giants ear..causing him to turn on Hulk and get the wheels in motion for the biggest ,and to this day probably most famous wrestling match ever. The Wrestlemania 3 main event between Hulk and Andre. Despite the loss ,Andre haunted Hogan..and on Feb 5th 1988 with the help of several others would gain a measure of revenge by winning the world title in front of one of the largest television audiences for wrestling . The feud would finally end in a Milwaukee baseball stadium in the summer of the Hero again slammed and defeated the giant..this time in a steel cage….

10 thoughts on “Top Five Greatest Opponents Against Hulk Hogan

  1. I totally agree with Louie’s list. That is definitive list of Hogan’s feuds. I would also add him against Vince McMahon in 2003 where I kinda wanted to root for McMahon on that one. Especially as Hogan botched that promo on “if I was the right gay guy brother”. I also loved that match he did with Shawn Michaels in 2005 only because Michaels made him look like dumbass by overselling everything.

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    • Do you ever not comment on an article? Every time I scroll down to the end I always think to myself “I wonder if that loser commented again,” and sure enough you do. Go outside. Get a life. Also, if it wasn’t for Hogan then your ass wouldn’t be watching any wrestling.


    • you know i’m glad you brought up that match with shawn michaels…shawn acted like a real dickhead in that match and hogan should’ve went off on him but didn’t instead he chose to be a pro about it…hulk don’t the credit like he should for keeping his cool and not stooping to shawn’s level in that match or worse…alot of other wrestler’s wouldn’t had put up with that if you know what i mean


      • Well, HBK had a reason for acting like that. They were supposed to have 3 matches in which Hogan would win the feud but… Hogan politicked his way and HBK got pissed so he made an ass out of Hogan. I’m on HBK’s side.


      • @ninvoid99
        Yeah, for once someone outpoliticked the biggest politician of them all and poor (and already the born again and changed) Shawn took offense. It’s unprofessional crap like this that should keep him out of conversations about best ever. Most talented? Sure, you’ve got a case there. Best ever? Not anywhere close.

        @jr michaels
        Hogan was always a pro in the ring, but he also knew what would happen if he tried to shoot on someone and get his ass handed to him, especially by someone like Shawn.

        As for the topic at hand, gotta go with Warrior. A match that exceeded all expectations, you could argue that it was the best match of both guys’ careers. Also helps that I was there to see it live.


  2. Wow, that’s a good list of memories. I’d never realized how much I’ve enjoyed Hulk over the years. Kinda surprised that The Macho Man didn’t make the list, though.


  3. They were “supposed to have 3 matches with Hogan winning the feud” is why “HBK had a reason”?

    If I recall, this match was the last match Hogan worked for WWE for some time, with a major reason for the being that Hogan felt he was being underpaid for the Summerslam match. Therefore, could it also have been possible that Hogan refused to do three matches for the amount he was being paid for this single match? Could it ve possible that Terry Bollea the man had no issues with Hulk Hogan the character doing business for Shawn as long as the money was acceptable? Could it also be possible that Terry Bollea was at some point promised a higher payout than what he was actually going to receive for this match and Summerslam angle and that Terry Bollea came to find out that, in his opinion, he was being lowballed once the angle had begun and the match was booked? Is it entirely implausible that Vince McMahon would do something like that? And if Terry Bollea was misled, be it intentional or unintentional, is Terry Bollea wrong for wanting to leave WWE over it? If your boss promised you a hefty sum for quickly stepping in to help your company out during an unexpected rough period (HHH was injured and could not work Summerslam in 2005, Summerslam traditionally is the 2nd biggest show of the year and it needed a big Raw main event/headline match on the card to help sell it) only to renege on the amount you were promised to receive AFTER you had already begun your part of the work then would you personally feel? Would you be wrong to withhold your services until you were paid what you were promised or told you would be paid?

    For all anyone here knows, any of the above may be true. Nobody here knows how any of the negotiations went regarding Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, or Vince McMahon and the Summerslam. For a reader here to pretend as if they do have firsthand knowledge of them is entirely ridiculous and grounds for another conversation regarding facts versus assumptions and suppositions.


  4. 1.Macho Man
    3.Roddy Piper
    4.Mr Wonderful
    5.Big Boss Man

    Great lists but IMO his feuds with Sting & Flair came far to late in his career to be classics.
    Earthquake & Ultimate Warrior would make my list before those two.

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