Top Five Greatest Opponents Against Ric Flair

Lowlife Louie Ramos and Brian Damage

On the heels of last week’s entry in which we asked who were Hulk Hogan’s greatest rivals, who are or were the top five biggest and or best rivals to ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair?


Man another great topic

5) Hulk Hogan

 Hogan vs Flair was the dream match of the 80s…and we finally got it in WWF in 91 and then again in WCW in 94 and on. Although these matches mean so much to nostalgia, and history..they will never rank among Flair’s all time bouts.

4) Terry Funk

One of the all time greatest.  The middle aged and crazy Funker decided to challenge the Nature Boy after he regained the worlds championship.  Flair politely declined, saying Funk was now a retired announcer. What followed was a monumental beating that led to a great series of matches..culminating in the now classic i quit battle.

3) Harley Race

Widely regarded as one of the best and toughest ever… Flair was built up and pushed to the moon by the NWA.. Harley had been a multiple time champ and a bonafide star…finally these 2 met..inside a steel cage at the inaugural Starcade.. with Flair winning the championship and finally becoming a household name to the wrestling world..

2) Sting

They once said Flair was so talented he could wrestle a broomstick and get a 4 star match out of it.. back in the 1st ever TBS televised clash of champions..Flair met a young up and comer named Sting..for 45 min…Flair held a wrestling clinic with the young man, making himself look like the all time great he is..but most important..creating s new star in the process.  Flair and Sting would be synonymous with each other for the better part of 2 decades…

1) Ricky Steamboat 

What do you get when you place 2 of the most gifted technicians at professional wrestling in the ring to battle it out. You create magic.. in the late 70s..these men feuded over the united states classics…fast forward a decade, to the late 80s .and both men picked up where they left off. Delivering classic magical matches that still stand the test of time today…




These two wrestlers battled all through out the country and had some really great matches along the way. A great rivalry indeed and bookers found different ways to keep sparking a heated match. This rivalry helped cement Sting as a legitimate star in the business.

Terry Funk

One of my all time favorite feuds came from Terry Funk against Flair. Terry Funk was just so crazy and maniacal during this period, it pushed Ric Flair to be the babyface. They really made you believe there was pure hatred between these two men.

Ricky Steamboat

The Flair/Steamboat feud was certainly a clinic in chain wrestling and outstanding technical wrestling. Each match they had were easily 5 star classics in my view.

Harley Race

Harley Race versus Ric Flair brings me to their bloody battle at the very first Starrcade. Two true world champions who worked stiff and snug and made each match an instant classic.

Dusty Rhodes

I know that Dusty gets a lot of grief for various reasons, but his and Flair’s promos alone are worth the price of admission. Flair was able to push Dusty into some really intense and great matches. A true old school program.

7 thoughts on “Top Five Greatest Opponents Against Ric Flair

  1. 1. Sting
    2. Dusty Rhodes
    3. Ricky Steamboat
    4. Terry Funk
    5. Harley Race

    These are in no particular order. I would make honorable mentions towards Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, and Vader. His matches with Hogan were alright as the ’94 Bash at the Beach match is the best of their series.

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  2. If you grew up in the Mid Atlantic territory in the early 1980s, you would put Greg Valentine on the list. He and Ric had a classic feud over the US Title and he deserves the recognition. For me the other 4 would be Steamboat, Dusty, Race, and Ronnie Garvin. If you ever saw any of the Flair/Garvin matches live, you would understand. I saw 3 of them at the Charlotte Coliseum and they beat the **** out of each other.

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  3. The only true top 5 greatest opponents Flair’s truly ever had are:

    1). Marriage

    2). Time

    3) His Ego

    4). Maintaining relevance in his later years

    5). The IRS

    Keeping his clothes on around women after hours or on flights is a very dishonorable mention.

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  4. A wrestling forum I regularly used had a thread on this topic with some videos of the matches on it and, even though I wasn’t around to see all of these feuds (way before my time), when I saw the video post of them they stuck with me. I also wanted to name some great feuds outside of the classics already said.

    Jack Brisco (since many mentioned Harley Race already)
    Roddy Piper more for their promos which were only matched by Dusty Rhodes imo
    Ricky Morton (mostly because Terry Funk & Garvin already mentioned)
    Nikita Koloff (Again because Ricky Steamboat & Sting already mentioned)
    and Shawn Michaels for that classic retirement WM match.

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