This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 3

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 3rd entry of 2022. Today Brian looks at the current free agent Cody Rhodes and what’s different from the last time he became a free agent and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

When You’re Hot, You’re Not

It’s official, Cody Rhodes is once again a free agent in pro wrestling. This despite being the reigning TNT champion in AEW. Naturally, some fans have speculated that Rhodes may be a surprise entrant in this year’s Royal Rumble. Dave Meltzer was quick to put the kibosh on that idea saying it would not happen. The truth of the matter is, Cody helped start and build All Elite Wrestling and really is a pillar of that promotion. The chances of him signing with WWE or even appearing at the Rumble on a one shot deal is next to impossible from occurring.

Regardless, it makes for some fun speculation and fantasy booking among fans. What should be talked about a bit, is that this version of free agent Cody Rhodes, seems much different from the free agent that was in 2016. The Cody that initially walked away from WWE became the hottest free agent in wrestling. Cody jumped from one promotion to another, building up his resume to the point that WWE wanted him back and reportedly offered him a big contract to do so.

Instead, Rhodes aligned with Tony Khan and helped build AEW from the ground up. His name recognition and value definitely helped AEW grow and prosper the last few years. Now, here we are 6 years later and Cody is once again free to go wherever he wants. Things are a bit different this time around. Cody isn’t the red hot free agent wrestler he once was. Fans have seemingly turned on him as a wrestler for whatever reason.

I can’t really place my finger on it, but Cody has a serious case of “X-Pac Heat” or Go Away Heat. Was it that Cody put himself out there too much on TV. Not just Dynamite and Rampage, but his own reality show with his wife Brandi and as a guest judge on a competition show? Was it his his promos which some “killed” him for? His taking time off, to spend with his family? His neck tattoo? Whatever the reasons and it may be many…Cody isn’t the hot commodity he once was.

Despite that, in reality, Cody isn’t going anywhere. Unless he and Tony Khan have a big blowout fight…Cody will remain with AEW for the rest of his career in my opinion. He just doesn’t seem to be the personality he once was.


Photo Gallery

Hook is quickly becoming one of the most popular wrestlers in all of AEW

A Lucha themed restaurant in California!

Congrats to Scott Hall who looks to be in tip top shape. More importantly, clean and sober!

Dixie Carter seems to be missing from this meme…



NXT UK’s Nina Samuels

Barbie Blank aka Kelly Kelly

Maryse mother of two

NXT Women’s champion…Mandy Rose


Video Gallery

Do you remember when the WWF used to have a warning before Monday Night Raw went on the air?

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5 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 3

  1. Congrats to Scott Hall on looking as good as good as he does. All the kudos in the world to DDP of course for rescuing Hall in the first place, but it was up to Hall to continue to WANT to do good for his sake and his family’s sake after that initial rescuing. Legit pleased to see him in a MUCH better place than he was in comparison.

    As for Cody, he definitely has his vocal detractors, and that’s fine. He’s certainly done things in the past and currently to deserve some of that hate, but not not the level it’s certainly grown to. I feel rather than having legit beef with the the man and his on-air persona, it’s just become the cool thing to do to endlessly & relentlessly hate on him.
    I definitely don’t see him leaving AEW anytime soon though. Like the author pointed out, barring a serious fight with Khan and the other EVP’s (in name only at this point) I don’t see him going anywhere, ESPECIALLY back to Vinceland of all places. He’ll eventually sign a new deal & the IWC will move on from their endless speculation.


  2. Great for the bad guy. I thought last year at WM he looked in awful shape.

    As for Cody, at least he’s getting a reaction vs being a channel changer. He’s not a face yet I don’t think he’d be able to pull off a heel and definitely not a cool heel. He’s stuck in that Cena mode of 10 years ago just nothing works. His promo Wednesday was good but it wasn’t a pipe bomb.
    I think you pull him off TV a bit and you slow cook omega/bucks and the undisputed and maybe sprinkle Cody into that with the history.


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