Deep Cuts: Razor Ramon Facts

Brian Damage

The late Scott Hall certainly carved out a great career for himself. While his tenure in WCW as a founding member of the nWo is way up there in Iconic wrestling lore….it was all made possible by hitting it big in the WWF as Razor Ramon. This piece is just going to focus on some facts about the Razor Ramon character that you may or may not know about. For more on the life of Scott Hall, please check out this piece on his life and career. For now, lets take a look at some facts about the man who oozed machismo in the WWF.

Razor Ramon was based on the character Tony Montana from the movie Scarface.

Razor Ramon wrestled a handful of dark matches before officially debuting in the WWF. They all took place in 1992. In one particular dark match, he faced El Matador Tito Santana wearing a long version of his tights.

Razor Ramon lost against Virgil in another dark match. This was reportedly all a test to see how Hall would react to losing to someone very low on the card.

When Razor Ramon finally made his official WWF debut on television, his first opponent was a journeyman wrestler named Paul Van Dale aka WWE Superstar Carmella’s father.

According to Sean Waltman…The fall away slam Razor Ramon used was called the “Sack of Shit” by Scott Hall himself.

It has been heavily talked about that no wrestler has ever kicked out of Razor Ramon’s finisher called ‘The Razor’s Edge.’ The truth is only one wrestler did indeed kick out of the maneuver and that man was Crush aka Brian Adams in 1993.

Razor Ramon was the first ever wrestler to win the WWF Intercontinental title three times and then break his own record by winning a fourth IC title. This was during a time when the IC title had more meaning and so many greats never held it more than once, let alone four times.

Over the years, Monday Night Raw has been known to have long interview segments on its program. The very first interview segment on a Raw broadcast took place on the very first Monday Night Raw in January of 1993. It was Vince McMahon interviewing none other than Razor Ramon.

Scott ‘Razor Ramon’ Hall never competed in the actual Royal Rumble match…but Fake Razor Ramon aka the late Rick Bognar has.

So there you have it, just a few facts about the Bad Guy Razor Ramon that you may not have known about. No doubt the character and the person in Scott Hall playing the part, left an indelible mark in WWE history. Then, Now and Forever…as WWE would like to say.

9 thoughts on “Deep Cuts: Razor Ramon Facts

  1. Whilst Hall himself never competed in a Royal Rumble, he won at least three televised battle royals:

    – Jan 93 on Raw, when Giant Gonzales interfered
    – Oct 93, with Rick Martel to challenge for the vacant IC belt
    – Nov 97, at World War 3 to challenge for the world title

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  2. That is pretty crazy to consider Razor himself never officially competed in the Royal Rumble. I know he challenged Bret for the world title at the ’93 Rumble but what else was he doing those other times?

    Also Didn’t know Crush was the only guy kick out of the Razor’s Edge. Interesting.

    Thanks for posting this.


    • He was in the Intercontential title matches 94, 95 and 96.

      94 was against IRs, he won that after Shawn interfered with the replica belt, IRS celebrating thinking he had won and the match restarted after ref came out to point out that were tow belts.

      95, title defense against Jeff Jarrett, originally counted out after Roadie (Road Dog Jessie James) speared his leg. But match restarted after Jeff wanted to win title. Jeff won match eventually by going after injured leg again and again.

      96, title defense against Goldust. Right when G man was at the height of his gimmick, that landed WWF in hot water with Gay groups due to how they felt Goldust character was using stereotypes of gay men. Its where the infamous razor heart happened. This match is where Malena (Teri Runnels) made her debut.

      Lost match after 123 kid interfered from the top rope.

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      • Makes me wonder then if it was all coincidence and bad timing that he never wrestled in the Rumble or intentional.


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