Top Five Matches, Moments and Memories of Scott Hall

Amerigo Diehl, Lowlife Louie Ramos and Brian Damage

We wrap up our tributes to the late, great Scott Hall with a Top Five greatest matches, moments and memories of his career. What are some of your all time favorites involving Scott Hall? Let’s honor the true Bad Guy of pro wrestling.


Honorable mention, coming up with Sting’s Crow gimmick 

5. Putting over the 1-2-3 kid.  I had been away from watching wrestling for a few years when this angle caught my attention. Sean Waltman was a pretty small guy even by 1993 standards (when McMahon was slowly getting away from guys with monster physiques). Someone came up with the idea of Hall putting Waltman over, and things took off from there. As a kid, I always wanted to see a perceived jobber pull and upset and even though I was much older by the time this happened it still was pretty exciting. 

4. Curtain Call 1996- Oh fans and their illegal videos. 1n 1996, a fan captured something we had all known for some time, but the wrestling business still did not want to admit to. After the match Hall, Nash, Michaels, and Helmsley all broke kayfabe and hugged in the middle of the ring, as a way of saying goodbye to Hall and Nash who were headed to WCW. This was something which was still unheard of even in the late 1990’s. Kayfabe was sacred, and as a result Helmsley lost his planned spot of winning the King of the Ring. This of course led to Steve Austin winning the KOR and launching his famous Austin 3:16 promo on Jake Roberts. After the “curtain call” kayfabe became less and less sacred and today it is virtually non-existent. 

3. Wrestlemania X Ladder Match- Wow, if you could only watch one  match to get a feel for what true chemistry between two wrestlers looks like, then you should watch this match. Though it was not the first ladder match, it set the template for what ladder matches could be. Absolutely legendary in nearly every facet. 

2. H.O.F. Speech- Awesome feel good moment in the life of Hall. Scott Hall’s issues with substance abuse have been well documented and don’t need to be rehashed here. Just know that to see a sober and relatively healthy Hall giving his hall of fame speech was truly moving in so many ways. In an era when wrestlers were sadly dying off from substance abuse, many of us expected to find Hall’s name on that list at any moment in the late 90’s early 2000’s.  Hall’s triumph over his addictions with the help of DDP gave many people hope for themselves or for those they love who have struggled. 

1. WCW Appearance-Bash at the Beach-  I just watched both of these events again last week, and it still hits with such a powerful impact. This was a huge game-changer on so many levels. First, it was an unwritten rule that when a promotion signs a new talent, that they spend some time delivering vignettes promoting the arrival of a new talent. Not this time!!! Hall came out of the audience, unannounced and the announcers acted as if they had no idea what was going on. It was sold as a WWE invasion, and it helped to launch the Monday Night Wars. Nash’s arrival two weeks later, and then July’s Hogan heel turn marked the start of something truly special. 


Great topic 

R.I.P Scott Hall

5) winning the AWA tag team championship 

In one of the longest matches in the history of the now defunct but very influential at its time AWA, Scott Hall and partner ( a pre perfect) Curt Hennig defeated Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin and Mr Electricity Steven Regal in a 56 minute war..

4) Hall gets Hardcore

Scott Hall was no stranger to hardcore wrestling,  as at 1 point he was the heavyweight champion of the deathmatch heavy Juggalo championship wrestling ( JCW) Hall mixed it up with such violent icons as Corp Robinson. But it was in 2018, within the confines of GCW, that Hall would truly get hardcore…swinging a light tube on the unsuspecting head of one Flip Gordon  

3) Hall of Fame inductions

Anyone who is anyone would love to be bestowed upon them an honor like this. To be inducted into your specific hall of game.

Hall had the honor few have, going in 2 times, once as his famous WWF character Razor Ramon, The speech and its ending still quoted to this day..And the other as himself with the group he made history with,  The NWO…speaking of

2) Hall invades Nitro 

Mike Enos is the answer to the trivia question, who was in the ring when Scott Hall sauntered through the crowd, grabbed a microphone and uttered his famous HEY YO!. The moment looked like a total out of character moment. History being made, an outsider infiltrated WCW.. Of course we all know how that one moment turned out and onto..

1) The ladder match

Altho WWE may claim it was thier first ladder match ( it was not) it certainly was the finest one until that point in time. Razor Ramon and Shawm Michaels gave us a classic, that still stands up to today’s ladder match standards. Winning the match further cemented Razor as one of the wrestling worlds best characters and also his place in the highest echelon of 1990s WWF. 


The Mind of Scott Hall

Hall has been widely credited with creating the Crow gimmick for Sting. Let’s be honest, Sting has gotten a lot of extra mileage in his career because of said gimmick…even to this day. While Hall is remembered for a lot of different things, his mind for the business was often overlooked. Many have said that Scott Hall would constantly pitch creative ideas to management.

Put over Sean Waltman

There would probably be no X Pac, if not for Scott Hall putting Sean Waltman over early in his career. Hall helped make Waltman into the 123 Kid and in turn helped make the much smaller Waltman into a household name in the WWF.

Came up with Razor Ramon

Getting back to Hall’s creativity, if Hall was just a robot and did whatever Vince McMahon wanted…we might have seen G.I. Hall military man instead of the bad guy who oozed machismo in Razor Ramon. Hall didn’t like the idea of becoming an “Army Man” and instead came up with his iconic character.

Making Money

One thing that often gets overlooked a bit is the way Hall and Nash changed the way wrestlers got paid. Wrestlers were often overused and underpaid and when Scott and Kevin decided to jump ship to WW from the WWF, the duo had all their ducks lined up with an agent and specific asking price. In many ways, changed they way contracts were written in pro wrestling. It was Hall who lived by temotto taught to him by Chief Jay Strongbow….”You can either make friends or make money…and I (Scott Hall) already have plenty of friends.”

Scott Hall is the face of an Invasion

When it was time to start the “outsider invasion” of WCW, the company could have chosen Kevin Nasht o ignite it or have both Nash and Hall be revealed at the same time. Instead, Hall was chosen to go out there on Nitro alone and he delivered on the microphone like only Scott Hall could.

2 thoughts on “Top Five Matches, Moments and Memories of Scott Hall

  1. Wow… there’s so many. Here’s a list in chronological order from what I can remember:

    1. Putting over the 1-2-3 Kid
    2. Turning on Ted DiBiase and becoming a babyface
    3. The October 1993 period where he won the IC Battle Royal with Rick Martel and then beat him for the IC title a week later.
    4. WrestleMania X
    5. SummerSlam 1995 re-match
    6. His IC title runs.
    7. Curtain Call.
    8. His shocking appearance on Nitro
    9. Beating up Eric Bischoff with Kevin Nash
    10. Outsiders vs. Sting, Savage, and Luger and the formation of the nWo.
    11. Winning the tag titles.
    12. “Hey yo!” and nWo survey
    13. Beer thrown at his head and he no-sells it.
    14. Going to Japan in 2001 and putting over a young unknown wrestler named Hiroshi Tanahashi
    15. H.O.F. speech

    We will miss you Scott. Good to know there’s a lot of love for the Bad Guy.


  2. you know this got me thinkin’..i know i’m .getting off topic here but…scott hall dies but ric flair still lives…is ric flair a witch?


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