Wrestling With Sin: 379

Brian Damage

This is the 379th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Career Down the Toilet

During his five year career as a member of WWE’s roster…Rene Dupree recalls being bullied and harassed by his fellow wrestlers. Dupree believes the problems all started when he refused to go out drinking with the other boys. Dupree recalled having his $500 shoes and $1000 suit ruined when someone put his belongings in the shower and turned on the water. The very next night, Dupree’s French flag that he carried to the ring was shoved into a toilet and was pissed and crapped on.

That was apparently the straw that broke his back, because he felt his heritage was being disrespected. He went to then road agent Arn Anderson and complained to him and Arn simply told Rene…”Don’t sell it.” Meaning don’t give anybody the satisfaction of showing that you were angry and upset. Renee then went to the locker room leader at the time in the Undertaker. After telling him about the incidents and asking the Dead Man what to do…the Undertaker told him “You find out who did it.” Rene alleges that it was the Undertaker who ordered the harassment due to his “not being one of the boys.”


Shanna is a Portuguese wrestler who has wrestled all over the world including places like Germany, England, Japan and Turkey. In 2014, Shanna wrestled on TNA’s European tour. A few years later, she revealed that TNA executives mistreated her by calling her too fat and not having a face for TV. She claims that those insults led her to a depression and she seriously considered retirement.

In 2019, Shanna signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling. After impressing management with her matches against other AEW talent…she started being used less and less. In April of 2021, AEW announced that they decided not to renew her contract. A couple of months later, it was reported that Shanna had some sort of ‘attitude issues’ during her AEW tenure. Reports had her mistreating other wrestlers backstage…especially the non contracted talent that were used as extras during the pandemic. There were also rumors that Shanna had issues with AEW wrestler Leyla Hirsch. Some believe the two went into business for themselves during a match and things got a bit heated.

Sham Slam

Martin Ruane aka ‘Giant Haystacks’, was one of the biggest stars in British wrestling both literally and figuratively. Haystacks was an old school wrestler who always felt the need to protect the business at all costs. In 1980, Haystacks was a guest on Good Evening Ulster, a television show that aired in Northern Ireland. Haystacks was being interviewed by co host Jackie Fullerton…who wasn’t the biggest fan of pro wrestling. Fullerton allegedly had cracked a few jokes during breaks putting down wrestling as a legitimate sport.

When Giant Haystacks interview segment came…..Haystacks already had heard Fullerton’s jokes and was not pleased. During the segment, there was a scripted portion where Haystacks was supposed to scoop up Fullerton for a body slam and then carefully put Fullerton down on the padded floor. Instead, Haystacks violently flung the TV host onto the floor. Fullerton ended up injuring his shoulder and suffered a couple of broken ribs. As angry as Fullerton was at the time of the incident….he did eventually end up thanking Haystacks for the slam.

According to Fullerton, while his shoulder never fully healed…he does receive royalty checks from different parts of the world, as that segment has been shown multiple times on blooper shows. Fullerton said that he and Haystacks ended up real friends.

The Door Knocker

William Muldoon as one of the earlier professional wrestlers in the United States. He started his career in 1876 and was a champion in the New York area. When Muldoon wasn’t wrestling, he was a police officer in New York City…who eventually was promoted to a detective. In March of 1885, Muldoon and a male acquaintance went to a theater in Brooklyn to meet up with some friends. Muldoon and his friend walked into the lobby of the theater and were conversing. That is when the theater’s doorman named Thomas F. Rochford approached the two men. Rochford allegedly requested that Muldoon and his friend leave the theater’s lobby, as there was a rule that there was no loitering in the theater.

Muldoon tried to explain who he was and that he was waiting for others to come out and meant no trouble. Rochford insisted that Muldoon exit the lobby and wait outside. This supposedly led to issues, as both Muldoon and Rochford began arguing. According to Rochford, Muldoon said “he would do as he pleased,” and then allegedly punched the doorman. Police were called to the scene and both Muldoon and his friend were arrested. A high profile court case came next due to the fact that William Muldoon was a sort of celebrity in New York athletics.

Muldoon plead not guilty and insisted he was innocent of the assault charges. Muldoon admitted that he did get loud with Rochford and stuck his finger in front of Rochford’s face threatening him…but never got physical with Rochford. A theatergoer became an eye witness for the prosecution claiming he witnessed Muldoon yelling at Rochford and also saw Muldoon strike Rochford. Despite the witness testimony, the court acquitted Muldoon of the assault charges. Some feel it was Muldoon’s celebrity status that helped get him off scot free.

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3 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 379

  1. Yeah, the more stores like this come out about the Undertaker, the more his legacy gets sollied for me. Absolutely no need to do that to Dupree.

    Haha, hopefully that’s the last time Fullerton ever made cracks about wrestling ever again.

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  2. Giant Haystacks. Yeah, the last guy I would want to make light of back in the Kayfabe days. I think that host should be happy it wasn’t even worse.

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  3. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised in the least if JBL was involved in the harassment as well seeing as Rene also claimed that he had called him a “French f****t”.


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