This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 17

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 17th entry of 2022. Today Brian looks at Impact Wrestling and where or if they still fi into today’s wrestling landscape and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

The Impact of Impact Wrestling…Or lack there of.

2022 is a big year for Impact Wrestling. This is the 20th anniversary of the promotion being in business. They have certainly come a long way from their TNA days as a weekly pay per view show in 2002. At one point, a true alternative to WWE programming. After a few ownership changes, a complete change in name, various moves from channel to channel and numerous talents jumping ship for better opportunities…Impact is still around. To me, that is a good thing, if for nothing else, more opportunities for wrestlers to work and get exposure.

The question is however, is it still relevant in the world of pro wrestling? Ratings are miniscule and with WWE and the rise of AEW…where does Impact fit in? Former WCW, WWE and TNA executive and personality Eric Bischoff doesn’t see much use for the Anthem Sports owned Impact. He said on his podcast…. “It’s f*cking IMPACT, I can get more people to watch me cooking a burger on my big green egg on a Saturday afternoon than watch IMPACT. They’re not in the wrestling business, they have a wrestling show but they’re not touring, they’ve got no licensing, they’ve got no merchandising, hardly anybody is watching their show, and it has nothing to do with the talent.” Certainly strong words from Bischoff and he makes some valid points.

Impact has some great talent on their roster which include, Josh Alexander, Eddie Edwards, Jordynne Grace, Chris Bey and yes…even Matt Cardona. The wrestling has been solid and overall entertaining…but with that…the ratings have been virtually non existent. Their working agreement with AEW never really moved the needle for Impact ratings wise and didn’t do much to help elevate new talent. Ring of Honor was in a similar boat with the growing popularity of AEW and eventually shut their doors until Tony Khan bought them out. Could Impact eventually fall like ROH did?

Anthem Sports at least shows an interest in the wrestling promotion and seems to be 100% behind it. Is that enough? Can Impact be a stronger company or will it simply remain what it is? As I stated, Impact is really a good show to watch, but it doesn’t seem to have the fanbase it once did and with the “Big Two” spending millions and millions on talent, production and merchandising….Impact simply cannot compete on their level. Former WCW announcer Chris Cruise suggested maybe Impact and Billy Corgan’s NWA merge to a bigger promotion. Even still, would it make a dent and become profitable? Regardless, here is hoping that Impact can last another 20 years in this very fickle business.

Photo Gallery

Former WWE and Impact women’s tag team champions the IIconics/IInspiration have future endeavored themselves from pro wrestling this week. Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee are moving on to new projects.

Some wrestling related ink…

Bah God it’s Sting!!!

Elon Musk is the name on the contract!!

Hey Yo…Lex Luger…I mean Luther

A series of WWE inspired IPAs

The Notorious B-I-G Poppa Pump

The entire Matt Hardy brood…

It’s always that one damn dentist…

Macho Wars

A cool throwback pic of Woman and Cactus Jack

The infamous Playboy stash! LOL

Top notch art work!

Oh, hello!

The Wyatt Family reunited sans Luke Harper/Brodie Lee

The late Bad News Allen/Brown’s daughter…

NXT’s Kay Lee Ray or whatever her new name is…


Brooke Adams

CJ Perry fka Lana

Mickie James

Scarlett Bordeaux and a microphone

Bianca Carelli aka Arianna Grace

Video Gallery

For all you NXT 2.0 fans…here is a music video by Faithy J aka Nikitta Lyons. Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 17

  1. Wrestling is junk this days love those good old days wrestling back then was real 60′ 70′ 80′ the best as eat at home watching wrestling every Saturdays Sundays


  2. I tried with TNA, I really did, multiple times. And it just never clicked with me. Too many changes in direction, too many times of no direction. I am honestly amazed they lasted 20 years.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Props to Impact for lasting 20 years, truly. Even though I’m surprised they’re still around, I’m glad they’re still around, as was mentioned so that there’s further job options for wrestlers, especially released ones.

    As for Bitchoff, and he’s truly earning that moniker with every passing negative comment out of his lips, he’s certainly grown to become more & more of a bitter person when it comes to the topic of wrestling. He’s all for bashing everything that isn’t WWE (Eric, Vince isn’t going to fuck you, nor is he going to hire you back, quit riding his dick) and this latest attack on Impact ( a company he used to work for no less) is just another example of being a bitter, angry old man. Even if he were to make solid points, why bash them? He gains nothing from it, or maybe he does in more listeners to his podcast because they want to hear him rant. Again he just comes off as bitter & mean, maybe a bit of projection for how bad his & Hogan’s era of Impact failed? Perhaps.
    All I know is him & former wrestling personalities like him, that are grumpy, bitter & constantly shitting on the current product of various companies need to go away somewhere, ANYWHERE, and just enjoy their retirement.


  4. I vehemently disagree with the point about further job options for wrestlers. TNA used to have top talent, I loved it watching every week. Unfortunately now they are left with quite literally all the wrestlers no other company wants and “baah Gawwd” it shows. It’s not even comparable to how it was in it’s heyday. Those who feel obliged to watch all of the wrestling shows no matter how bad they are should find something else to do with their time. It’s okay to not feel obliged to like everything. TNA needs to go, it’s had it’s day and never achieved what it set out to. I said at the time bringing Hogan and Bischoff in would kill the company slowly one way or another and I’m afraid I was right. They never recovered from the frankly ridiculous way they ruined the company.

    Bischoff is a parasite who only passes comment on anything to gather interest in his frankly subpar podcast, which is so bad it makes the incessant bombardment of adverts almost bearable.


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