Wrestling With Sin: 384

Brian Damage

This is the 384th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Monkeying Around

Michael Hegstrand aka Road Warrior Hawk admitted to using monkey hormones to help build up his impressive physique. The result of using the hormones was Hawk becoming completely unstable. He confessed that for a while, every time he woke up in the morning…he would fantasize killing someone. While working for Crockett, he and his partner Animal were among some of the more popular wrestlers on the roster. Fans would often wait outside the arenas looking for their autographs.

Jim Crockett Jr used to have to send out staff to warn fans that looking for Hawk’s autograph may come at a price and to use their better judgement. It all depended on the day. There were times Hawk would snap at fans, even get physical with some of them and other times he would be very cordial and accommodating. You just never knew which Hawk you would get. That Jekyll and Hyde behavior got him almost killed while on tour of Japan.

While having drinks at a night club in Roppongi….Hawk and an Iranian club goer got into a verbal spat. Hawk used his physical presence to intimidate the other man, to which the other guy grabbed a knife and began slashing Hawk repeatedly. Hawk survived the attack, but it wasn’t the last time he got involved in altercations. Hawk fought with wrestlers like Randy Savage, 2 Cold Scorpio and Eddie Guerrero. These are the type of incidents Hawk got himself involved in due to his persistent drug use and ‘Roid rage.

The World’s Most Dangerous Man…To Himself

Legendary MMA fighter and former pro wrestler Ken Shamrock talked openly about his personal battle with substance abuse. Shamrock said it all started for him dabbling with drugs on weekends, calling himself a ‘Weekend Warrior’ where he would train hard during the week and then party during the weekends. Admittedly, soon the weekends started mixing with certain days of the week and ultimately he was doing drugs every day of the week.

Shamrock said one of the lowest points in his life was when he went on a drug binge where he was taking everything and anything to maintain his high. Shamrock was going to hotels, restaurants, night clubs partying doing various drugs. He ended up waking up in a crack house with three naked women he didn’t even know or remember. All this, while his children were frantically searching for him thinking he was dead.

Showering With Lefts and Rights

During a show in Nashville, Tennessee….Koko Ware wrestled a match and afterwards did the famous “Fargo Strut.” Word got back to the Fabulous Ones of Steve Keirn and Stan Lane an they were not pleased at all. Keirn felt that the strut belonged to them seeing that they inherited Jackie Fargo’s gimmick.

After the show, Keirn went to the locker room and into the showers where Koko was cleaning up. Keirn allegedly sucker punched Ware while he was still showering. Koko then allegedly ran out of the shower nude and attacked Keirn. According to Ricky Morton who witnessed the fight, Koko brutally beat Steve Keirn and won the fight hands down.

Sub – Schreiber

Sarah Schreiber is a host and backstage interviewer for WWE since 2018. Before joining WWE, Schreiber was a host for shows on channels like the Home Shopping Network and was an interviewer on the red carpet for Hollywood movie premiers. Sarah also embarked on her own acting career having done some commercial work and appearing on TV shows like NCIS New Orleans and Marvel’s Agent Carter.

Aside from all of those credits, in 2015 Schreiber starred in an adult themed web series called ‘Cam Girls’ where she often appeared scantily clad or in lingerie. She also appeared in the movie ‘Stevie D’ where she had a scene in a bra and panties.

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7 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 384

  1. Monkey Hormones? Jesus Christ. Folks good on Koko, but he was a tough man and not one to ef with. Keirn learned that the hard way.


  2. I must have met Hawk on a good day because he was a great guy too me. Took a couple pictures and talked to me for a little while when I was 13-14 years old. I still have the picture hanging in my room when Hawk put me in a headlock and my dad snapped the picture! 💪💪

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  3. David Manning claims in the Heroes of World Class documentary that David Von Erich had sushi for his last ever meal, but Ribera NEVER served sushi.


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