Whatever Happened to Sycho Sid Vicious?

Brian Damage

He was Humongous, Vicious, Justice and a psycho. A former WWF and WCW world champion. And of course…the master and the ruler of the world. Today on the blog, we ask…’Whatever Happened to’ Sycho’ Sid Vicious?

Sid Eudy said that he met Jerry Lawler while playing a game of softball. Lawler was very impressed with his look and asked Eudy if he would be interested in becoming a professional wrestler. Sid was interested and Lawler sent him to train with Tojo Yamamoto. He was given the gimmick of ‘Lord Humongous’ which was previously used by another wrestler, but according to Sid…wasn’t available at the time. So Lawler gave Sid the gimmick.

Sid debuted as Lord Humongous in 1987. He said the Lord Humongous character was perfect for him at the time, because he was extremely shy and could hide himself behind the hockey mask. He eventually dropped the Humongous gimmick and became ‘Sid Vicious.’ He came up with the name remembering as a teenager, his friends giving him a shirt that said Sid Vicious on it…pertaining to the punk rocker. Sid liked the name and used it in his career.

Sid’s first big break came in 1989, when he joined WCW. He was paired with Dan Spivey in a tag team called ‘The Skyscrapers.’ Sid said that the main reason he was paired with Spivey, was to learn how to work better using various mannerisms and facial expressions. He said the plan was always for him to eventually become a singles wrestler. Unfortunately, he suffered a punctured lung and was sidelined for several months. When he returned, he was put in as a member of the Four Horsemen. Again, the move was for Sid to learn and grow as a competitor working with the faction.

While being groomed to become a world champion….Sid’s contract expired and secretly reached out to Vince McMahon who immediately put Sid on a plane to Connecticut and signed the big man. Vince gave Sid the new name of Sid Justice…which Sid hated, thinking it was very corny. Sid Justice’s time in the WWF ended abruptly after failing a drug test. Instead of serving a suspension…Sid decided to quit the WWF. He would return to WCW, but unfortunately a bloody, drunken brawl with Arn Anderson nearly ended both careers and potentially their lives. Sid was fired and wrestled for the USWA in Tennessee.

Sid returned to the WWF as Shawn Michaels new bodyguard, but that was just to set him up for a program with the Heartbreak Kid. Sid joined the Million Dollar Corporation, but a neck injury sidelined him for a few months. He would return under the nickname of ‘Sycho Sid’ which was a play on his incident with Arn Anderson a few years earlier. He reignited his feud with then babyface Shawn Michaels and challenged him for the WWF world title.

While Sid played the heel and Shawn was the face…WWF fans embraced Sycho Sid instead. Sid would win the WWF title at Survivor Series in 1996. Sid would lose it back to HBK a couple of months later at the Royal Rumble. The catchphrase he used…”I am The Man. I am The Master. And I am The Ruler Of The World” was created for him a few years earlier by Dutch Mantell. Sycho Sid won his second WWF title by defeating Bret Hart inside a steel cage. After dropping the title to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 13…Sid reinjured his neck. It sidelined him for over a year and when he returned to wrestling…he ended up briefly in ECW.

Sid returned to WCW and won the United States title and the WCW world heavyweight championship twice. Sid suffered a badly broken leg that seemingly ended his full time career as a pro. He would eventually return and wrestle sporadically, but his career never fully recovered from the gruesome injury.

So the question remains…whatever happened to Sid Vicious? Sid still makes occasional appearances at wrestling expos and conventions. He currently resides in Arkansas, where he runs a landscaping business with his two sons called Brothers and Sons Landscaping.

8 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Sycho Sid Vicious?

  1. There is some dispute as to why Sid left the WWF in 1992. He was still wrestling in April and had two house show matches with April; he walked out after the second match (Boston) saying that he could not work with Hellwig. In interviews he said that he wanted to leave after the Royal Rumble. He hated the backstage politics and stooging, and found Hogan’s post Rumble reaction offputting. Sid said that he loved the “family atmosphere” of WCW and his biggest regret was leaving WCW in 1991.

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  2. I had the privilege of weight training with Sid at the French Riviera spa. I’ve been trying to contact him for many many years and just cannot find the right avenue to get a hold of him…


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