Whatever Happened to The Heart Throbs?

The tag team was formed on the independents and had brief runs in both WWE and TNA. Today on the blog, we ask…’Whatever Happened to’ The Heart Throbs?

Thomas Mattera and Giovanni Roselli met on the independent circuit on the east coast in 2003. They formed a tag team called ‘The Heartbreakers’ and went on to win tag team titles on the indies. After a year of success in the independents, the duo were offered and signed a WWE developmental deal in 2004. The Heartbreakers were assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) where Mattera went by the name Antonio Thomas and Roselli wrestled under the name Romeo Roselli. In OVW, the Heartbreakers mainly feuded with MNM.

After a brief stay in OVW, the Heartbreakers were called up to the main roster. Their team name was changed to ‘The Heart Throbs’ as a way for fans not to confuse them with Shawn Michaels, who had the Heartbreak Kid moniker. Their names were also shortened to just Antonio and Romeo. In the Heart Throbs short stay with WWE, the team got over with comedic antics. The Heart Throbs were ultimately released rom WWE in 2006.

Thomas and Giovonni returned to the indie circuit and also had a try out with TNA wrestling. They returned to the Heartbreakers name and wrestled two matches with TNA, which included against the Voodoo Kin Mafia. The did not end up signing with the company as they cited that TNA management wanted to use them in the same comedic way WWE did. The team felt that they were past that and decided to walk away from a deal.

So the question remains…whatever happened to the Heart Throbs/Heartbreakers? Thomas Mattera aka Antonio continued wrestling for various indie groups as well as Ring of Honor and in Japan. He still wrestles occasionally, but his main job now is working as a physical education teacher. Giovanni Roselli aka Romeo now works as a fitness instructor and owns his own fitness company called ‘Roselli Health and Fitness.’

5 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to The Heart Throbs?

  1. I wouldn’t sit here and pretend they were one of the best tag teams during that era of WWE, but they defintiely had potential to be more successful & impactful to the company & tag team scene had they been allowed to be used at their full potential & not just typecast as a comedy act.

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