This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 29

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 29th entry of 2022. Today Brian looks at the news that Monday Night Raw will possibly get a little edgier and more adult with a TV 14 rating and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

WWE Getting A Little Bit More Raw

It was revealed last week, that Monday Night Raw will change its TV rating from TV PG to TV 14. This will allow WWE to use a little bit more using, perhaps a little blood here and there and use some more adult content. Apparently, this plan was in the works for a few months although no official start date has been set. This will end the 14 year run of WWE’s ‘PG Era.’

WWE decided to go TV PG in 2008 for a few reasons. Of course, to appeal more to a younger audience, but also to tone down content when Vince McMahon’s wife Linda decided to pursue a political career. The PG era certainly changed the way fans viewed the product. No more scantily clad women, no more sexually charged storylines. Promos were completely edited and censored. Blood went away, and overall was a shell of what it once was in the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras.

WWE saw audiences diminish quite a bit in the PG era and helped grow other promotions like TNA, Ring of Honor and more recently AEW. Despite that, the family friendly content definitely allowed the WWE to grow financially with more sponsors and networks clamoring to sign TV deals with them.

WWE grew into a global juggernaut in sports entertainment and in many ways became the Disney version of professional wrestling. Many fans hated the product, and many left it behind…but there was also a very loyal fanbase that helped it grow to the levels it’s at today. There are those who are skeptical to see what WWE transitions into as a TV 14 product. Will it attract old fans? Will it appeal to new fans?

The one thing I like about the TV 14 change, is that Paul Heyman will once again join creative. Heyman has a very keen eye on talent and how to get the most out of that talent. Granted, Heyman has been used a few times on creative and while it worked well with fans, he and Vince McMahon didn’t always see eye to eye and Heyman was removed time and time again.

Will this be different now that Vince is under heavy scrutiny with scandals and his daughter and son in law gain more power? Who knows? It will definitely take time to see if this will succeed. Monday Night Raw needs a lot of help and guidance. Three hours for a show is still too long, but better storylines that flow and add excitement is a welcome change if Paul Heyman is allowed to create without a Vince filter. Whenever the TV 14 era begins….let’s see how good or bad they can be.

**Vince McMahon just announced his retirement from WWE. How this will change things for the company in the near and distant future…who knows? More on this in the days to come.**

Photo Gallery

Oh Brother…

Can you guess who this former New York beauty pageant contestant…who later had a brief career in wrestling is?

Christian Cage has been going ballistic on promos lately

New AEW tag team champions!


Love it!

Scott Steiner’s son Brandon just committed to Virginia Tech to play basketball. How long before he steps into a wrestling ring like his cousin Bron Breakker?

Eric Bischoff and Sony Onoo reunited along with their wives.

AJ Styles has had a phenomenal career.

Cool Nikki Bella Art

Liv Morgan during her Hooter days…

Toni Storm

NXT’s Cora Jade

Jessica McKay

Jordynne Grace

Deonna Purrazzo

Video Gallery

This was the WWF’s tribute to referee Joey Marella after he was tragically killed in a motor vehicle crash in 1994.

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11 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 29

    • I never thought I’d live to see Vince finally retiring. I legit thought he’d fight this like he always does and/or die there while seated in Gorilla. Nope, he “retired” instead of officially stepping down like he was basically forced to. Fuck him.


      • Eat shit and die, yup. I can’t even imagine the number of Crying Game showers Titus O’ Neil had to have taken to wipe the shit off his lips after all that ass-kissing he did to the same man who unfairly suspended & almost fired just because Titus was playing around with him onstage.


      • It’s a damn shame he’s become a token for that racist fuck. This man was awarded father of the year. If that was my father, I’d be ashamed of him for having to take it up the ass from that old fuck.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Amen! Like how can you mentor young people & try to mold them the right way by instilling positive values in them when you’re actively going against said values by publicly kissing the ass of an evil billionaire?


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