Top Five Valets Who Never Appeared in the WWF/WWE

Brian Damage

This week’s top five is all about wrestling valets that never appeared on WWF/WWE television during their successful careers. They are women that basically found fame and fortune in other promotions and territories.

Beulah Mcgillicutty

Beulah Mcgillicutty was to many a beautiful statuesque valet who seconded Raven and later her real life future husband Tommy Dreamer to the ring. Beulah was not afraid to mix it up in the ring and was a big fan favorite to ECW fans. By the time ECW folded and Dreamer headed to WWE, Beulah had retired from pro wrestling to focus on starting a family.

Dark Journey

Dark Journey had a brief career, but an impactful one where she feuded with Missy Hyatt and seconded members of the Four Horsemen as well as Dick Slater and The Missing Link. For years, it was rumored that Dark Journey died of a drug overdose, but she is still very well, alive and kicking as those rumors were proven false.

Baby Doll

‘The Perfect 10’ Baby Doll was not only a presence outside the ring, but in it as well. Some say she was tougher than a 2 dollar steak in real life. She seconded the likes of Tully Blanchard, Dusty Rhodes, Larry Zybszko and others. She could cut a solid promo and not afraid to get physical in matches and in angles.


Sunshine was certainly a spitfire, who cut decent promos and was more than eye candy at ringside. She seconded the likes of the Great Kabuki and her real life cousin ‘Gorgeous’ Jimmy Garvin. She appeared in various territories including World Class and Wild West Wrestling. She seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth once she quit the business.

Fallen Angel/Woman

Nancy Benoit aka The Fallen Angel and later known as Woman was an excellent manager/valet with great facial expressions and charisma. She appeared mostly in the Florida territory, WCW and ECW. She ended up retiring to start a family with wrestler Chris Benoit and we all know how that tragically ended up. Make no mistake about though, Nancy was a gifted performer, but never had a an opportunity to showcase that to WWF/WWE fans.

15 thoughts on “Top Five Valets Who Never Appeared in the WWF/WWE

  1. Wait, Beulah was in WWE once. The mixed-six tag match with Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer against Mick Foley, Edge, and Lita at ECW One Night Only 2006 with that famous pin that Edge did on Beulah.

    Kimberly Page is a valet that never showed in WWE.


  2. Sunshine, easily. A true pioneer who never, ever gets het just due. A damn shame. Speaking of Garvin ties, I would add Precious. Miss Linda, definitely.

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  3. Beulah’s the true star of this list and the only one who could “wrestle”. Had excellent promos, took good bumps, decent moonsault & hurricanranna and was easy on the eyes. Beulah took what the valet pioneers before her did such as Missy,Prescious, Subshine & Woman and turned it into something more physical. She’s the first valet I saw doing wrestling moves on a regular basis. I know Babydoll did a move or two prior to the advent of Beulah, but Beulah took it to the next level.


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