Top Five Worst Clients of Paul Heyman

Brian Damage

Paul E. Dangerously, Paul Dangerly, Paul Heyman is considered one of the greatest managers/advocates/special counsels in pro wrestling history. Heyman has managed some of the biggest and brightest names in the business. While leading wrestlers like CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns to world titles and main events, Paul Heyman has managed a few duds. Here is my list of top five worst ‘Paul Heyman Guys.’


This to me, should have been a match made in wrestling heaven. The ultra talented Cesaro, who lacked a bit of charisma…paired with one of the greatest talkers on the microphone in Paul Heyman. Cesaro transformed into the ‘King of Swing,’ but the overall chemistry just never materialized. Some fans wanted to cheer Cesaro, but aligning with Heyman made it a bit difficult and confusing. The partnership only lasted a few months.

Curtis Axel

You take a young third generation wrestler and hand him a top flight manager in Heyman and you would think the pairing would work out. Despite Axel winning the WWE Intercontinental title under Heyman’s leadership, that seemed to be the only real highlight of this team. Curtis Axel only stayed with Heyman for a few months and floundered…never really reaching bigger heights.

The Big Show

In an effort to turn a young Brock Lesnar into a babyface, WWE did a surprising heel turn where Heyman screwed his client Lesnar out of the world title by aligning with The Big Show to end the title match at Survivor Series. While there was definite and obvious chemistry between Heyman and Brock Lesnar…I couldn’t say the same for Heyman and Big Show.


I don’t expect many fans to remember this Paul Heyman Guy in Jon Heidenreich. Yes Heidenreich was a former client of Paul Heyman ever so briefly. At one point, WWE felt that this monster could be a top heel in the company and was teamed up with Heyman to help get him over. There were even rumored plans to have Heidenreich go one on one with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania…but alas…Heidenreich was way too green and not what WWE thought him to be. Even the magic of Heyman couldn’t elevate Heidenreich to where he needed to be.


To me personally, this was the absolute worst Paul Heyman Guy of all time. Ryback didn’t fit what seemed to be the criteria of being a Paul Heyman client. It was just WWE attempting to try and get Ryback over as a monster heel at Heyman’s expense. Thankfully and mercifully…Ryback did not last too long under Heyman’s guidance.

9 thoughts on “Top Five Worst Clients of Paul Heyman

  1. 1. Crybotch
    2. Rapenreich
    3. The Big Chode
    5. Cesaro

    I feel bad for Cesaro as he had become hot at WrestleMania 30 and I thought him joining Paul Heyman would’ve been great but… no. Thankfully, he’s in a better place. I feel bad for Curtis Axel as I was enjoying his Axelmania bit brother. Him and Sandow brother would’ve rocked the house brother. I don’t mind Big Show although he sucked as a client of Heyman. Heidenreich…oh he was lame and just uncomfortable to watch as I will never see that segment and think about what happened. The less said about Crybotch, the better.

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  2. Leave it to someone like Vince Mcmahon to fuck up how hot & over Cesaro was after WM 30. Seems like a common thing theme in his handling of Cesaro’s career, as every time Cesaro organically got himself over chasing that ever so elusive brass ring, only for Vinny Mac in his infinite wisdom, to cut off Cesaro at the knees every fucking time.

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  3. I thought the Motor City Madman (Mike Moore) was the worst as he was in a tag team with another guy as Heyman/Dangerously was the manager and I don’t get mentioned often, but WWE did a riff about that guy in Are You Serious?,


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