This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 40

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 40th entry of 2022. Today Brian looks at the continued backstage circus of AEW and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

If Controversy Creates Cash, What Does Chaos Create?

Well here we are, another week in the books and more backstage chaos for All Elite Wrestling. When he last left off, CM Punk got into a physical altercation with Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. The whole mess got all involved suspended and in the case of Punk…perhaps being fired. This week, it started with a small Twitter feud between Andrade and Sammy Guevara.

The two men took some shots at one another on social media. It started getting out of hand, where fellow AEW wrestler Ricky Starks jumped in to say how idiotic things were getting. The tweet was soon deleted. Fast forward to the live AEW Dynamite show and for some reason…nobody took time to think that maybe it would be a good idea to keep these two men a part. Nope. Instead, we reportedly had another physical altercation backstage with some curses, pushing, shoving and eventually fisticuffs.

The end result saw Andrade be sent home, while Sammy stayed at the taping to run angles. This has become just the latest incident that once again gets talked about more than the actual product they put on TV screens. Instead of fans talking about certain matches and storylines, we are mostly all talking about the drama backstage. It overshadows everything that is done in the ring. Meanwhile, AEW owner Tony Khan continues to run down WWE and talks about ratings and demos, as if nothing is burning around him.

The inmates are definitely running the asylum and either Khan doesn’t want to bring more attention to the chaos or is simply oblivious to it all. In either case, it isn’t a good look for the company. You can’t help but think that Warner Media is aware of all of this nonsense and may step in to warn Khan about his leadership or lack thereof. Throwing money at the problem isn’t an answer. The last thing Tony wants is to lose a TV deal. Look, I realize that in a business like pro wrestling, you are dealing with a lot of super egos. Altercations like the few AEW has had, does happen elsewhere. The thing is, if it happens in WWE or even Impact or anywhere else, it isn’t as magnified as it has been in AEW. It is time for Tony Khan to start acting more like a boss and less like he’s everyone’s friend. Former WCW announcer Chris Cruise said this about thinking wrestlers are your friend…“Pro wrestlers are transactional by nature. They have to be. This is a business. Marks don’t understand that. Don’t call a wrestler your friend. It’s one of many ways to not be stupid.” Time for Khan to stop marking out and lead for AEW’s sake.

Photo Gallery

Rest in Peace former WWE Tough Enough winner Sara Lee, who passed away at the very young age of 30 this week.

Ruthless Aggression

Street Art Lucha Style!

Speaking of cool art…check out this drawing of the Blade Runners

Cold blooded right here…

Halloween is right around the corner!


The new “Adult” McDonald’s Happy Meals are apparently harder to find than the Lost Ark

Owen Hart was Sami Zayn waaaaay before Sami Zayn was an Honorary Uce!

Cool pic of the King of Kings…Triple H

Congratulations to Alicia Fox on her engagement!

The interim AEW Women’s champion Toni Storm

Chelsea Cardona

Ever since Mandy Rose went to NXT, she has been a bit more risque. Here is a shot of an “accidental” nip slip.

Cassie Lee

AEW’s Dasha

Jenni Neidhart

Noelle Foley

The Bellas

Video Gallery

Leave it to Mick Foley to lighten the mood in another wild week in wrestling with a very upbeat music video…

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7 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 40

  1. I wanted to enjoy Dynamite last Wednesday but… Sammy showing up and not being sent home just PISSED me off. I couldn’t enjoy that episode as just his presence alone had me fuming though hearing the fans show that exact sentiment did make me feel good.

    I think there is some legitimacy to what Punk was saying about a company that is unfortunately filled with children as I don’t blame him for being mad even though he went too far on a lot of other things that has made him persona non grata.

    I read a lot on what happened and I don’t blame Andrade one bit for doing what he had to do. If he wants to leave, let him leave. If I was running that company, I’d have a talk with Andrade all alone and have him vent about what he’s dealing with. I’d tell him to stay home for a bit and if he’s not happy. I’ll release him. As for Sammy, I’d suspend him. I wouldn’t have him on TV or shows for months. I’d give him a warning. Shape up or fuck off.

    I’m sure there was a lot of people backstage PISSED as it infuriated me even more that Eddie Kingston got suspended for defending himself while Sammy got away scot-free. If I was among those people in the locker room, I’d have a meeting like a wrestler’s court or something. I’d have some of the women call Tay and ask her to come to the building by herself to talk about creative plans. Have Sammy all alone and then have every fucking guy/woman in the back doing a Full Metal Jacket on him as an example to shape up. If he snitches, then I would have whoever he’s wrestling fucking stiff him like a fucking shoot and just beat the fuck out of him in front of everyone.

    I’m more angry at Tony Khan for being a spineless little bitch. Chris Cruise is right. You can’t be friends with the wrestlers when you’re running a business. It’s this kind of shit that put other wrestling companies down. I don’t wanna see that. Right now, I think it’s time to get someone on board to handle a lot of this show and be the boss. I now have a vote of 0 confidence in Tony Khan as a boss.

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  2. AEW has done better, but history does not paint a good portrait of promotions run and created by money marks. If they don’t get their act together, they may find themselves on the dustbin of history with Super World Sports and IWA.

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