This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 43

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 43rd entry of 2022. Today Brian takes a look at one of the hottest wrestlers worldwide ready to make his United States debut and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

A Viking Experience

It was announced this past week that one of the hottest luchadors in all of Mexico, has secured a work visa to compete here in the United States. His name is El Hijo del Vikingo (Son of the Viking) who holds the AAA Mexico Mega Championship which is the company’s top title. For some, the name may be unfamiliar, but for those who do know of him…there is certainly a lot to be excited about.

El Hijo del Vikingo, in my personal opinion, is one of the most exciting, breathtaking wrestlers to come out of Mexico since perhaps Rey Mysterio himself. To me, he is on that level of great. While he definitely hasn’t achieved nearly the success of Mysterio…his skill set is off the charts. He has speed, balance, agility and a death defying style that will definitely garner him much needed exposure here in the U.S. Rey Mysterio himself called El Hijo del Vikingo…”an incredible worker.”

Vikingo has had some experience wrestling for U.S. promotions, as he has performed briefly with Impact and MLW while those companies were touring Mexico. Of course, Vikingo’s style isn’t for every wrestling fan. He is very much like Will Ospreay and Ricochet with the volume turned up a bit. He has charisma, but not sure of his command of the English language that may hinder him with some fans. I assure you, however, when he enters the squared circle, he is an amazing talent that will benefit any organization he decides to work with.

That leaves us with the question of where will El Hijo del Vikingo go to work? He seems like he would be a perfect fit in MLW as they have a working agreement with AAA already. He would also probably fit in nicely in AEW with Penta and Rey Fenix already on the roster. He could also easily return to Impact Wrestling as well. WWE may be a very long shot, but with Triple H at the helm now…you never can say never.

Wherever El Hijo del Vikingo eventually ends up, I have no doubt that he will be an asset. The lucha libre style might not be for everyone, but for those who can appreciate it, Vikingo will be something to really see.

Photo Gallery

RIP Tristen Nash

Zac Effron getting ready to portray Kevin Von Erich in a new movie called ‘The Iron Claw.’ Effron looking more like Kerry than Kevin I think…

A rare behind the scenes shot of Glenn Jacobs unmasked during his initial run as Kane.

Haha! Those who know…know! Samoa Joe gives no F@cks about anyone doing flippy stuff….


Scandalous!!! LOL

Sign of the times?

MJF’s fiancé painted Jon Moxley

A cool Razor Ramon mural located in Miami, Florida….

Fantastic drawing of the Mega Powers

Show me the lie…

Lacey Evans

Rhea Ripley

NXT’s Bron Breakker and Cora Jade are officially a thing….

Mandy Rose “dressed” up as Lady Godiva for Halloween?

Mrs. Jake Hager

Nikki Cross is back!

Hit Row’s B-Fab

Amy Dumas dressed up as Elvira.

AEW’s Tay Melo all dressed up for Halloween

The Neidhart sisters

Video Gallery

With Halloween coming this Monday, here is Shotzi, Scarlett and Harley Cameron singing “I Put A Spell On You.” Happy Halloween to all who enjoy it!

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