Top Five Celebrities Involved In Pro Wrestling

Brian Damage

Stars from other forms of entertainment have traditionally been involved with pro wrestling in some way for many years. From Hollywood, to the grid iron, to the boxing ring, from the music industry have all dabbled in the wrestling business. Today’s top five are my personal choices for the best celebrity appearances in pro wrestling.

Lawrence ‘LT’ Taylor

The first choice was a bit difficult for me, because I honestly HATED the fact that LT went over an established talent like Bam Bam Bigelow at Wrestlemania XI. Looking into it a bit deeper, however, this was in 1995…which was one of the worst years the WWF had both creatively and financially. Having some “star power” with a high profile match between the NFL great in Lawrence Taylor wrestling Bam Bam Bigelow wasn’t exactly the most successful idea, but it did generate a lot of mainstream buzz and helped the company in the long run.

Dennis Rodman

Some may not like this choice, but basketball great Dennis Rodman was a very good addition to the New World Order back in its heyday. He had that natural heel charisma and wasn’t a total bust when he competed in the ring. Besides, you have to tip your hat to a guy who was willing to skip basketball practice to show up for an ordinary WCW Nitro.

Mike Tyson

World champion boxer ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson appeared in the WWF at a very crucial time. The WWF was losing the Monday Night War to its bitter rival WCW. Tyson’s involvement with the company helped redirect viewers to tune into Monday Night Raw. His shocking “heel turn” of wearing a DeGeneration X shirt to turning babyface again by knocking out Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 14…helped catapult the WWF back on top of the wrestling world during the Attitude Era.

Cyndi Lauper

Singer Cyndi Lauper was a red hot act going into the 1980’s. When she joined the WWF as a manager to wrestler Wendi Richter, she became a huge catalyst to the company’s success in the Rock N Wrestling era. No doubt about it, Lauper should be in WWE’s Hall of Fame, but apparently turned down repeated invitations for whatever reasons. Regardless, Cyndi Lauper was a big help in pushing the WWF into national exposure.

Andy Kaufman

To me, comedian Andy Kaufman’s feud with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler in the Memphis territory was the absolute greatest performance of a celebrity involved in pro wrestling. Kaufman “got it” in how to work as a heel and legitimately get under fans skin. He was a shining example of what a heel was supposed to be….despised. Kaufman was a master at it and helped put eyeballs on the Memphis territory nationally in the early 1980’s.

9 thoughts on “Top Five Celebrities Involved In Pro Wrestling

  1. 100% agree with Kaufman, far and away the best ever.
    And thank you for not including the more recent crop.
    LT… I remember watching WM 11. Diesel beat Shawn and I genuinely thought that it was over. I forgot all about that match… I still strongly believe that the big belt always goes last.

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  2. Great list, but I would put Mr. T in place of Lawrence Taylor- he was one of the biggest mainstream stars in The USA at the time, and helped gain a lot of attention for the first Wrestlemania, in particular, and played a role in the first two. Kaufman definitely belongs at the top- he was a genius, and understood (and respected) the wrestling business more than any celebrity that I can think of. It’s a shame that he was gone way too soon.

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  3. Can’t compare to the lists here but a few recent ones I think made a good showing and did some good spots in their matches.

    5 Johnny Knoxville – made a jackass of Zayn!

    4 Pete Rose – never got bored seeing Kane with Pete Rose!

    3 Stephen Amell (Green Arrow) He had some slick moves very athletic!

    2 Bad Bunny – Had alot of appearances with Priest and a decent top rope splash!

    1 Floyd Mayweather Jr – never forget how pissed Big Show looked after he caught his nose with the punch in the build up promo

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  4. I completely Tyson and Lauper. LT and Rodman were the first two I thought of. Pete rose and bad bunny were the next two. I’m not a fan of Bad bunny’s music. But, he was pretty good in the ring . Kevin Greene was pretty good as well. So was DeAngelo Williams.


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