This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 44

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 44th entry of 2022. Today Brian looks at the latest developments concerning Billy Corgan’s NWA promotion and if WWE or AEW are involved and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

Goodnight, my love, to every hour in every day-Is there an NWA Powerrr Outage?

Last week, it was reported that NWA owner Billy Corgan is considering making his NWA promotion into a potential developmental brand for either WWE or AEW. It was also said that Corgan had a brief meeting with Triple H about the subject. While Tony Khan has Ring of Honor that can be used as a developmental brand for AEW, Triple H and WWE have NXT. It wouldn’t seem that either promotion has the room to add the NWA to their respective companies.

The thing is, Corgan has had a working relationship with Tony Khan in the past and they could very well circle back to that. As for Triple H, there is definitely a different vibe to WWE ever since he and Stephanie McMahon took over from Vince. Something like an NWA/WWE working agreement would be something that would probably never happen under McMahon’s regime, but certainly wouldn’t be unprecedented.

Some of you may remember when WWE worked with the indie promotion called Evolve. WWE sent talent over to Gabe Sapolsky who owned and operated Evolve. Talent like the Street Profits and Fabian Aichner aka Giovanni Vinci even became champions in Evolve. Eventually, Sapolsky went to work directly with WWE and they ate up Evolve.

There are certainly benefits to having an extra developmental brand…especially if that brand has some sort of TV. While the NWA does not have a TV deal, they are active on YouTube. The point is, a whole other promotion could help NXT’s young talent continue to grow and develop as wrestlers.

What hasn’t really been talked about is why is Billy Corgan willing to do this? As I have talked about in another This Week in Wrestling post…it is hard to believe that the NWA is at all profitable. No TV deal definitely hurts their bottom line. Perhaps, Corgan is thinking of a partnership with either AEW or WWE as a way to not only keep the NWA promotion afloat, but also gather much needed income to it.

Billy Corgan has attempted to make the NWA a stand alone promotion and it seems like that failed. The key word is seems. Former NWA wrestler ‘Outlandish’ Zicky Dice once stated that while he was the reigning NWA Television champion, he only made $250 a week. Not exactly breaking the bank…and really seems like nothing considering he was a champion in the company.

It’s a good idea from Corgan, but the question is who if anyone will take Corgan up on his offer? If it is either AEW or WWE, do they eventually buy out Corgan and eventually dissolve the NWA as was the case with Evolve? This story is definitely something worth following in the coming weeks and months.

Photo Gallery

Sami Zayn and all of his Uciness has become a highlight of Smackdown!

Gary Ucey

I Love Ucey

A rather odd combo of Magnum TA with actress Suzanne Somers

Coexist tattoo of Tony Khan hugging Vince McMahon


Edward Scissor Me Daddy

Congratulations to Sheamus, who got married last weekend!

Maryse and Zelina

WWE Intercontinental champion GUNTHER, is in the best shape of his career…

The ultimate match up! Peacemaker versus Black Adam

The daughter of the Rock….Ava Raine made her NXT debut this week. The likeness to her father is uncanny! 😉

NXT’s Kiana James

NXT’s Ariana Grace (Santino Marella’s daughter)

Gotta love all the homages to the classic “Shawn Michaels pose.”

Reka Tehaka

Former GLOW girl Jeanne Basone aka Hollywood

NXT’s Tiffany Stratton was removed from TV for an undisclosed reason. We now found out, it was for TWO reasons.

The Following submissions are really NSFW….viewer discretion advised!

Mandy Rose undressing proactively on her website and “accidentally” slipped.

Jenni Neidhart

Video Gallery

Here is a super rare dark match from a WWF TV Taping in Fort Myers, Florida in 1992 between The Juicer Art Barr and Latin Fury aka Konnan.

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12 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 44

  1. NWA needs to bring back The Jive Tones. I mean, I’m pretty sure that Pez Whatley is dead and all, but still. Now is the time.


  2. I love Corgans NWA. But, it always seems to be in danger of going under because of lack of funds. I know Zelina is short, But, Maryse looks to be 7 feet standing next to her. That pic of Mandy Rose.


  3. If this is the end of the NWA as we know it, I can’t say it’s been a failure. Sure it may not have evolve to anything big time but, credit where its due: Corgan kept a lot of the classic authenticity that came with it from back in the day. It was a worthwhile experiment if anything and contributed to a mini-boom for wrestling pre-Covid.

    What would be a perfect conclusion was if the NWA championship was unified with the WWE title, bringing it full circle.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I wonder who’s the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champ is if there was an unification match, that clip of Sami “not Uso yet” Zayn making Roman and Jey break character was so funny it ended up on Botchamania, great variety of pictures and art, Nattie’s sis and blond-again Mandy being naughty as f, and Konnan and Art Barr in a WWF ring is mind-boggling before they ended up in AAA in that same year 1992.


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