This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 47

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 47th entry of 2022. Today Brian looks at MJF as the new AEW world champion and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

The MJF Era Has Begun…and not a minute too soon.

This past Saturday, at AEW’s Full Gear pay per view, MJF defeated Jon Moxley to win his very first world title. No doubt, 2022 has been a bit rocky for All Elite Wrestling with injuries, backstage drama and TV ratings seemingly plateaued. MJF winning the title and now becoming the face of the company, is exactly the boost that AEW needs.

MJF is a good wrestler, but make no mistake, it is his mouth and ability to carry a promo to new heights that has made him the promotion’s top heel. His words carry weight and is no longer looked at as a bargain basement clone of the Miz. MJF can create controversy with his words and do it in a positive way. Nothing against Jon Moxley or CM Punk, but MJF is what is really needed as world champion for AEW.

He is what was needed to represent the company. He knows that too. His post match promo was absolute fire in my opinion. While he may not be able to use such colorful language on TBS and TNT, he can still deliver great promos and interviews and put on top notch matches. With all the ups and downs AEW has suffered through this past year…MJF being the world champion just might be able to steer the ship.

He is young, talented and has been with the company from day 1. That is a much better situation than an aging CM Punk, Jon Moxley or even Adam Hangman Page could do. While the jury is still out on MJF as champion and if he will legitimately put butts in seats and eyeballs to TV’s, It was worth the gamble in my opinion. This is now his show and his ball to carry, let’s see if he can truly run with it.

Photo Gallery

Congratulations to Kairi, as she was crowned the inaugural IWGP women’s champion!

Congratulations to Ring the Damn Bell contributor and now Hall of Fame wrestler Lowlife Louie Ramos!

Lanny Poffo showing of a fan’s elaborate back tattoo.

Eric Bischoff’s grandson. #NWO4Life

Dress Up!

Truth or any wrestling…

Old school Tony Khan! lol

NWA’s May Valentine

AEW’s Kiera Hogan

Lacey Evans

Bianca Belair

Tay Melo

Velvet Sky

Kaci Lennox

The “new” Sexy Star

The Following submissions are really NSFW….viewer discretion advised!

Paige Vanzant

Rob Van Dam’s wife Katie Forbes and friend.

Video Gallery

Mistico aka the original Sin Cara in WWE commercial

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13 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 47

  1. The photos and faces of these women are about as genuine as a football bat. Botox and photoshop creep me out. I like human females, not CGI I Don’t know how people find these images attractive.


    • 100% with you on this. Plus the fake nails, eyelashes, not to mention tits. But they’re just products of their time, too dumb to do anything outside the box.


      • I am open to anything for the This Week in Wrestling pieces. If the majority want that gone, I am more than happy to oblige.


      • I’m good the way things are, I don’t want to censor anything. I don’t need to like everything in life, I just need the right to criticize what I don’t like…
        You’re doing a great job with the site listening to whatever voices in your head you’re listening to, you don’t have to turn it into a democracy.

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  2. No harm in you posting those photos, I was being critical of the premise of what’s considered attractive by some, but by all means, do your thing. The randomness/diversity of what you post is what makes this site so damn awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve got to stop reading these particular posts on the train or learn when to stop scrolling. I don’t remember full-on nudity back in the day, but I might just have a bad memory.

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