Top Five Super Heavyweight Tag Teams

Brian Damage

Great tag teams come in all different shapes and sizes. Today on the blog, we take a look at the top five best “Big Men” tag teams in pro wrestling. Two individuals that combined were extra large either by height and weight. For argument purposes, the Road Warriors have been excluded from this list. Who are your personal top five larger than life tag teams?

Honorable Mentions: King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd, The Colossal Connection and the Bludgeon Brothers

The Twin Towers

The combination of the Big Bossman and the equally large Akeem made for a tag team that could have found greater success in the WWF. The two former UWF heavyweight champions were too sporadic teaming together and did not really establish themselves as a truly formidable team…otherwise…the Twin Towers might have been higher on the list.

Bam Bam Bigelow and Big Van Vader

This is a tag team that could have easily been higher on my list. Their combined size, power and agility made them a very successful monster pairing in Japan. Bigelow and Vader would win the IWGP tag team titles and team on and off from 1989 until 1992. While achieving success, the team could have done more. Unfortunately, the two big men did not like each other personally. Vader was allegedly jealous of another “big man” wrestling in Japan and Bam Bam accused Vader of being a bully behind the scenes. Together, Bam Bam and Vader would have had greater success if they could get past their differences and compete together stateside…but alas…that never really happened.

The Skyscrapers

The original version of the Skyscrapers of Sid Vicious and Dan Spivey, were the best incarnation of this monster tag team. They were being pushed to the moon by WCW bookers, but unfortunately, injuries sidetracked this imposing pair. Wanting to continue the momentum the Skyscrapers had…Mark Calaway (The future Undertaker) was added to the team in place of the injured Vicious, but the team never regained the footing they once had.

The Natural Disasters

The Natural Disasters of Typhoon and Earthquake achieved great success in the WWF managed by Jimmy Hart. They won the WWF world tag team titles and had an overall solid two year run in the company. Both men stood around 6 feet 4 inches tall and had a total combined weight of over 843 pounds.

The Brothers of Destruction

The team consisted of two individual mega stars in Kane and the Undertaker. That in itself, helped propel the Brothers of Destruction to a huge push as a tandem, going on to win tag team gold. While over big as singles wrestlers, together they were just that much more formidable and it worked.

40 thoughts on “Top Five Super Heavyweight Tag Teams

  1. You totally looked over Hall 6’7″ and Nash 6’10”.

    They probably made the biggest impact on the industry as a whole out of all these teams.

    Them jumping over to WCW those first couple of weeks before Bash At The Beach 96′ was a major paradigm shift. They dominated for at least 2 years as the top tag team in WCW

    Re do the list, and put them at number 1. “The Outsiders”

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    • The list is about super heavyWEIGHT teams, not height. Nash and Hall were both under 300 lbs. No one would consider that to be super heavyweight in the world of wrestling.

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      • Nash was always over 300, Hall was 260,270 area. Both heavyweights to me. Weren’t the greatest workers or biggest draw, but definitely made the biggest impact on the industry as a whole.


  2. Scott Hall 6’7″ and Kevin Nash 6’10” (Outsiders)

    Biggest impact on the industry as a whole.

    When they jumped over in 96″, major paradigm shift.

    Those first few weeks before Bash At Beach 96′, they were monsters and had everyone shook heels and faces.

    Top tag team in WCW until Black and White had the split with Wolfpack.

    They should be #1

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  3. Bludgeon brothers should be more than just an honorable mention. When I started watching in ‘83, I loved the Zambiue Express (though I know they weren’t good in the ring). Wild Samoans as well.

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  4. If you go by total weight of over 800 lbs – Yokozuna and Owen hart. Of course, 3/4 of that was Yokozuna. The Blackjacks – Mulligan and Lanza.


  5. Nash and Hall? No, it’s super heavyweight, not super tall, they don’t qualify physically.

    I know they’re not making this list, but I have a fond place in my heart for Makhan Singh & Vokhan Singh, Karachi Vice. You may also know them as Norman the Lunatic/Bastion Booger and Gary Albright.

    Now a team that should absolutely make this list and could even be considered for the top spot as they’re both more famous and much bigger than anyone on it: the McGuire Twins.

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  6. Do the Miracle Violence Connection of Dr. Death & Bam Bam Gordy qualify?
    What about the ECW version of the Super Destroyers?
    Surely the infamous Maguire Twins (Guiness World Record holders for being the World’s Heaviest Twins) qualify.
    Kane & Big Show tagged up together a few times.

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  7. #1 – The Road Warriors.
    You may have excluded them from your list, but they still top mine.

    The Skyscrapers were good, too. Either incarnation.


  8. Great list and agree 100% ~Brothers of Destruction at #1 overall for height AND weight.

    Not sure what the combined weight is for this but am looking at 500lb+ (which barely allows me to include this team at #5) and a mix of old school and Attitude era.

    5 – Acolytes Protection Agency(APA) – Bradshaw & Faarooq were a classic brawlers tag team even as a face comedy tagteam backstage they were still formidable!
    4 – British giants Big Daddy/Giant Haystacks – Big Daddy’s early heel tag run before going face and a renowned pairing that aren’t easily matched in UK history.
    From 1 Haystacks to another….
    3 – Haystacks/Garea – Calhoun had great tag teams with Brisco & also Bobo Brazil but had tagteam gold with Garea.
    2 – Harlem Heat – Booker T & Stevie Ray a natural chemistry brother tagteam.
    (Outside of Brothers of Destruction the other BIG power tagteam for Kane is my #1…)
    1 – Big show/Kane – These two always looked like they had a blast tagging together.


    • It’s not my call, but 500+ isn’t superheavyweight to me. I was thinking 600+. Because 500+ then teams like the hart foundation, Dudley boys are over that mark and I wouldn’t think of either as super heavyweights.


    • Changing my list up as 500lb+ isn’t super heavyweight I agree with @torturedsoulv1! Taking out Harlem Heat and APA to have :

      Abdullah Butcher/Ray Candy

      Pulling out a random in UWA Trio tag-team in Rikishi/Kokina (Yokozuna)/Samoan Savage (Tonga kid)

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  9. Nash was always over 300, Hall was 260,270 area. Both heavyweights to me. Weren’t the greatest workers or biggest draw, but definitely made the biggest impact on the industry as a whole.

    Also gotta include Warlord and Barbarian. Both over 300lbs each. Honorable mention at least.


  10. Didn’t the 2 twins on the motorcycles in the Guinness Book of records wrestle some? I remember as a kid being so impressed with that picture. They were over 1000 pounds combined.


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