The If Factor: Paul Heyman Almost Joins TNA Wrestling

Brian Damage

The ‘If Factor’ are a series of articles that takes a look at real scenarios in pro wrestling that at one point or another were suggested, planned, considered…but did not get the green light to continue. What would the landscape of professional wrestling look like if these ideas came to fruition?

The If: Paul Heyman in TNA

Paul Heyman revealed that in 2009, he was offered a head executive position within TNA wrestling by the then network hosting TNA…Spike TV. According to Heyman, “It came real close with TNA. Heyman’s deal with Spike TV would see him gain full creative control of the promotion. He was not only looking to become the top creative executive, but was also asking for stock and ownership of TNA.

Heyman said he had a 5 year plan in place to take TNA to brand new heights. It involved shaping the roster with getting rid of unbalanced contracts signed by veteran talent over 40 years old, bringing in new, younger wrestlers around the independent scene that were perhaps relatively unknown. The next 18 months would be slowly building around that young talent and making them more recognizable to their audience.

By year three, after retooling and building an entirely new roster and establishing that talent, Heyman wanted to make TNA a publicly traded company like WWE. If done right, that would create brand new revenue streams for TNA to start seriously compete with WWE for bigger named talent and so forth. Heyman said he would remain on the creative staff for the next two years to see this plan go through successfully until retiring at age 50 with all of his stock options in place and occasionally be used as a consultant to TNA programming.

The problem with his 5 year plan, was that Spike TV wanted to compete with WWE right off the bat. Heyman was smart enough to realize that at that point in 2009, professional wrestling was a very niche form of entertainment. It was no longer perceived as cool and not everyone was willing to invest in pro wrestling. Spike TV simply wanted Paul Heyman to take over creative control and start immediately show results, to which Heyman declined their offer and it never came to fruition. Could Heyman’s 5 year plan for TNA have been successful? With larger streams of money to work with, could Heyman truly have competed on WWE’s level?

11 thoughts on “The If Factor: Paul Heyman Almost Joins TNA Wrestling

    • I agree, but…
      If Heyman had control, would he have signed Hogan? Hogan not joining TNA becomes part of the ‘If’ factor, as that signing would have gone against Heyman’s plan to get rid of the unbalanced contract for older workers and build a younger roster.

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    • Did Hogan molest you as a kid or something? You have this wierd hatred for him. Meanwhile, I bet you wouldnt say any of this to his face. Hiding behind a keyboard like an internet troll lol


  1. Heyman probably would have had more problems than good- when the story was big, most of Heyman’s goals were based in “Bryan Danielson being available” after the 2010 firing (whether real or faked), with Danielson being his core guy in the rework. Presumably if Danielson wasn’t in, then Heyman’s roster would have had some bigger problems from the jump.

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  2. I don’t think it would have taken off/Heyman was right to pass on their offer. Spike wasn’t a big network to reach out from vs. Say USA or TNT. TNA hadn’t taken off at all and I don’t think there was great demand for an alternative, but what do I know.

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  3. Of course it would’ve been a failure because Spike was wanting instant results & gratification rather than being content to wait & earn it. But it sure would be interesting to see who from 2009 ROH & Indy scene Heyman would’ve enticed over to TNA.

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  4. It would be very similar to the situation in WCW when they hired Vince Russo away from then WWF and he was expected to provide instant ratings improvement or else. We saw how that turned out.


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