Top Five Worst Things About The Monday Night Wars

Brian Damage

The Monday Night Wars that took place in wrestling in the 1990’s brought about many great things. Ratings, attendance and pay per view buy rates went through the roof. It made superstars out of the likes of Steve Austin, the Rock and many others. Many wrestlers made more money during this period of time than any other point in their careers. With all that said, today on the blog, we look at the top five things that were not so great about the Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW.

The end of Enhancement Talent aka “Jobbers”

Wrestling was a bit different before the Monday Night War with promotions usually using enhancement talent on their shows to hype up their top talent. In the process, saving premier match ups for pay per views and house shows instead. Once the War began, promoters mostly got rid of these squash matches and replaced them with stars against stars for free TV.

The End of Kayfabe

Oh sure, deep down we all know that pro wrestling is scripted and not what we see in the ring on TV. There was an art to wrestlers keeping the secrets of their craft locked up tight. Heels remained heels and babyfaces remained babyfaces inside the ring and out in public. Suddenly, we started seeing wrestlers and promoters make light of a lot of what they do and in many ways killed off some of the mystique of what pro wrestling use to be.

Storylines Dropped Without Reason

If you go back and watch WCW and or WWF during this period, many angles and storylines were dropped out of the clear blue sky without reason. Everything became crash TV, with so many things happening at once. At times, some of what we saw one week, was dropped and never to be seen again. The thing was, at the time as fans, we really didn’t notice…or care.

Titles Rendered Meanigless

Titles had so much history, meaning and purpose throughout the years. When the Monday Night Wars took place, titles became nothing more than props in a story. There were way too many title changes that the prestige of being called a champion didn’t have the meaning it once did.

The Death of ECW and WCW

All is fair in Love and War…and in the case of the Monday Night War…we loved what we were watching week in and week out, but it had serious casualties. The competition became so intense that smaller groups like ECW collapsed under the pressure of trying to keep up. ECW wasn’t the only one to fold, as bad management decisions also led to WCW collapsing and ending..thus making the WWF essentially a monopoly for a bit.

5 thoughts on “Top Five Worst Things About The Monday Night Wars

  1. The use of managers decreased. Replaced by valets. Why not both? Managers were there to talk and take bumps. Valets to look hot (and a few were good talkers also).

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  2. The worst thing was the crash booking. No way to follow that, it’s completely unsustainable. That’s why the wrestling industry is still struggling to come anywhere near those numbers. And that’s what people like Vince Russo don’t understand to this day.

    Personal opinion: the Attitude Era is overrated like hell. Non-wrestling people got into it because it appealed to the lowest common denominator.

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    • says the person who NEVER lived through that period . If you can name me two or just one star who came close to the impact of The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin. Numbers are nowhere near. early 90s stagnant . Anything after the attitude era has been horrible and cant even replicate


      • 1. I’m 45, wrestling fan since ’88. So that claim alone makes you a look like a moron… And what’s that “NEVER” supposed to emphasize? That some people lived through it repeatedly?
        2. It’s not about individual wrestlers, the point of my comment completely flew over your head. Another step closer to moron…
        3. You’re missing the fact that the period completely changed the business model. Which numbers are you talking about? Because I can’t think of a single one that that can be compared head on without adjustment.
        4. Anything after the Attitude Era is pretty much the same as the Attitude Era. It’s not as good because you’ve seen it all before. That’s why crash booking doesn’t work in the long run.
        5. If your nick indicates your age (as does your comment), I apologize for calling you a moron. Children are entitled to be stupid, nothing wrong with that. But please check your ego when talking to people you can learn something from.

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