This Week in Wrestling 2023 Week 9

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 9th entry of 2023. Today Brian looks at Vince McMahon and if he is back in creative control of WWE and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

Is Vince McMahon Back In The Saddle Again Creatively?

As the Wrestlemania card starts taking shape and a bunch of matches have been made official, there have been at least some rumblings that Vince McMahon has his fingerprints all over it. It all stems from one match being announced that has Brock Lesnar taking on Omos the Nigerian Giant at the “Showcase of the Immortals.” Many fans lashed out and suspected that this match definitely came down from Vince and not Triple H. That’s mainly because for a few months, it was heavily rumored that Lesnar would challenged Gunther at the show (Although never confirmed.) Another match that fans suspect had the smell of Vinnie Mac is the Bray Wyatt versus Bobby Lashley match that also appears ready for Wrestlemania.

Some reports have stated that McMahon absolutely insisted on Brock vs Omos despite protests from others in creative. Of course, I must emphasize that these are just rumors at this point and we may never really knowif it was the work of Triple H or Vince. It certainly seems like a McMahon move considering his love of Brock Lesnar and his love of big men wrestling each other. Who really knows? Bottom line, this is still Vince’s company and despite all the promises made that he would remain on the corporate side and not interfere with Triple H on the creative side of things, we all kinda knew that wouldn’t last forever.

Until Vince sells the company…WWE is still his personal playground. It really is unfortunate if the rumors are true, because no matter how good of a booker you may be, if you continually get feedback and interference from other places, you will never truly see one booker’s greatness or lack thereof. This is Vince McMahon we are talking about though and ultimately, he has final say on everything that is put out for WWE. His company, his rules unfortunately.

I do like Triple H’s philosophy of making a smaller card that will take place over two days. Some wrestlers are rumored to be upset about that, but considering that Wrestlemania is their flagship event, it should be condensed with just the top talent on the show. Make it feel like a true Super Bowl of wrestling. If you want a Wrestlemania moment, you have to work for it and make a name for yourself during the year. That’s just my personal feelings on it…but I think that is what Triple H is trying to do. In any case, as stated earlier, this is Vince’s show and can do whatever he wants with it. Most likely than not, it’ll still have fans jammed into the stadium those two nights. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

As you may or may not know by now…I am a huge fan of the 1980’s/1990’s enhancement wrestlers which some call “Jobbers.” If you love the enhancement talents like I do, why not collect action figures of some of your favorites??? Please check out Insane Shane’s World! on Facebook. The toys look amazing!!!

Reno Riggins

Randy Hogan

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Insane Shane’s World!

Photo Gallery

Time has Ruthless Aggression

If Kane were wrestling in the modern era…

Kudos to the WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther for the impressive body transformation.

Austin Theory and Finn Balor shredded!

Awesome sketch of Eddie Guerrero!

Congratulations on Jim Ross’ granddaughter Ryan getting accepted into Oklahoma University.

Lou Thesz’s Granddaughter

Ladies and Gentlemen….her name is Azalea Heyman and she is the daughter to the Tribal Chief’s Special Counsel Paul Heyman.

Lacey Evans

Kayla Braxton

Kristal Marshall

Mercedes Mone

NXT’s Cora Jade

WWE’s Iyo Sky

CJ Perry




Barbie Blank aka Kelly Kelly

Former Ring of Honor talent Mandy Leon

Jeanne Basone aka ‘Hollywood’ from GLOW

Mandy Rose

AEW’s Toni Storm

Impact Wrestling’s Jessicka Havok


Video Gallery

ICO Pro: You Gotta Want It!

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6 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2023 Week 9

  1. I’m ok with the Brock Vs. Omos match, because I think it will just be an excuse to re-introduce The Hurt Business, and have them gang up on Brock, advancing his feud with Lashley, probably leading to a big feud-ending match at Summerslam. So, I’m sure the match itself won’t be amazing, but it might be an effective way to make a big spectacle of The Hurt Business returning.

    Wyatt Vs. Lashley just seems like an odd choice, especially with Bobby and Brock having unfinished business- it very much seems like a case of “Well, we have to have Bray wrestle SOMEONE at Wrestlemania.” I wonder if they asked anyone else, who said no, after Lesnar declined?

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    • Agreed. If it doesn’t lead to this, a HUGE opportunity has been wasted. At is, it just seems like more of a WM moment than a WM match, with the prospective image of Brock F5ing a big guy like Omos being the only main appeal.


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