Deja View: Before The Bloodline, There Was The Polynesian Power Pack

Brian Damage

Professional wrestling can be a very cyclical business. Many times you could be watching a match, a gimmick or a storyline and think to yourself…”I have seen this before.” Sometimes, you may be right, as many things in wrestling do get recycled over the years. Other times, it just may be something similar to something you saw years ago. In any case, DejaView looks at stuff that may or may not have been re-used in wrestling or something that was simply similar in nature that made you go…”Oh yeah, that’s where I remember that from.”

The Bloodline is probably the top faction in all of WWE right now. With the ‘Tribal Chief’ and undisputed Universal champion Roman Reigns leading the way, the Bloodline which also consists of Paul Heyman, the Usos, Solo Sikoa and the Honoray Uce Sami Zayn…are featured in many of the top storylines for the company.

Years before the Bloodline existed, there was a similar faction put together in the WWE’s universe. In 2010, while working for WWE’s developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) there was a heel faction made up of a few polynesian wrestlers. It was called ‘The Polynesian Power Pack,’ and it consisted of Tamina Snuka (Jimmy Snuka’s daughter), the FCW tag team champs the Usos (Rikishi’s twin sons), Donny Marlow (Haku’s Son) and G- Rilla aka Brodus Clay aka Tyrus in the NWA.

While the Polynesian Power Pack weren’t exactly the precursor to the Bloodline, they were a top heel faction for a spell in FCW that had their own “bloodline” of family. The PPP might have been an idea that they eventually pushed harder on the main roster years later. In any case, the two factions do have a small connection to one another and may have made some fans think back to the old FCW days.

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