Turning Japanese: First Impressions of New Japan Pro Wrestling

Jamie Lithgow

It is said that more and more wrestling fans from outside Japan are gravitating towards New Japan Pro Wrestling, and I am one of them. Having exclusively watched American professional wrestling for most of my life I have held a NJPW World subscription for almost six months now. Today I share my first impressions of NJPW, what I like, what I don’t like, what is different and what is the same when compared to WWE. Continue reading


Icons of Wrestling #35 – The Shockmaster

Jamie Lithgow

Height: 6’3″
Weight: Over 400lbs
Hometown: The wall cavity in Ric Flair’s ‘Flair For The Gold’ set
Glory Days: 1993-94
Fun Fact: Years prior to the Nirvana and Pearl Jam rip-offs frequently used for wrestler’s entrances in WCW, The Shockmaster’s theme was a poorly executed cover of Day Tripper by The Beatles (get it?!) leading into the chorus of Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones, for some reason.

Continue reading

Mind The Logic Gap: The Outlaw Rule

Jamie Lithgow

The world of wrestling is a place often bereft of logic: Why would two (or more) performers conduct business or personal discussions in the middle of a large arena full of strangers? Why are supposedly skilled referees so easily distracted from their job? Why are wrestlers that are capable of breath-taking athletic displays so bad at climbing ladders? These gaps in logic will, for now at least, remain unfilled. However, today we shine the spotlight on one such gap that has since been closed as we take a look at The Outlaw Rule. Continue reading