Mind The Logic Gap: Survivor Series 2001

Jamie Lithgow

The world of wrestling is often bereft of logic: Why would co-workers conduct personal or professional discussions in the middle of a large arena full of strangers? Why are supposedly skilled referees so easily distracted from their job? Why are performers capable of breath-taking athletic displays so bad at climbing ladders? These gaps in logic will, for now at least, remain unfilled. However, today we shine the spotlight on an entire pay per view full of nonsensical moments; Survivor Series 2001. Continue reading


Icons of Wrestling #41 – Salvatore Sincere

Jamie Lithgow

Height: 6’3″
Weight: 270 lb
Hometown: Somewhere in Italy
Glory Days: 1996-1998
Fun Fact: Tom ‘Salvatore Sincere’ Brandi previously wrestled as Johnny Gunn. As Gunn, he tagged with Tom Zenk in WCW and won the ECW Tag Titles alongside Tommy Dreamer.

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