Late Night FACTS: All the Wrestling Facts, Stats and Trivia You Can Indulge In

Brian Damage

Here we are with some more pro wrestling facts, stats and trivia. Read them in bed, at work or even on the toilet. It’s totally up to your discretion. Some you may already know about, while others not so much. Either way, they are all in good fun so sit back (or stand) and enjoy. Now, without any further adieu….let’s learn!

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The Next Generation of Wrestlers You May Not Have Heard Of…Yet. Volume 4

Brian Damage

Professional wrestling has been filled with second, third and even fourth generation wrestlers. Some have made it bigger than their family members, while others have flopped badly. We have already covered three installments of this in past with Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3. Some made it, while others faltered. These up and coming generational wrestlers are for the most part lesser known than say the more established ones like Natalya Neidhart, Harry Smith and Curtis Axel. Who will rise and who will fall in the latest list of pro wrestlers with a legacy to uphold? Continue reading

The Evolution of Chris Jericho

Brian Damage

To “make it” in professional wrestling takes a lot of talent and skill. To last in the business for as long as some have, it takes allowing yourself to adapt and evolve. It isn’t just about turning heel and or babyface a dozen times. It is about developing a character that connects with the audience and tweaking it when necessary. If there ever was a master at this practice, for me, it would have to be Chris Jericho. Continue reading

The FACTory: Churning Out Useless Wrestling Facts, Stats and Trivia Since Whenever

Brian Damage

It’s back by not so popular demand, Useless wrestling facts, stats and trivia! These little nuggets of truth won’t help you win anything, but perhaps will further your knowledge by expanding your mind. Some of these facts you may already know and there are some you may have no idea were true. Either way, they are all in good fun. So without any further adieu, let’s a learn some stuff. Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: Is AEW The Real Deal?

Jamie Lithgow, Brian Damage & Padraic Toolan

We’ve touched on the topic of All Elite Wrestling in a couple of recent Sunday Sermons. Looking from the perspective of WWE, we discussed if AEW is what they need and if Vince McMahon’s Juggernaut should be concerned. A week on from AEW’s inaugural show, Double or Nothing, we revisit those questions in this Sunday Sermon but from the perspective of AEW this time. Continue reading