Answering The 10 Count: Tortured Ambition: The Story of Herb Abrams and the UWF Author Jonathan Plombon

Brian Damage

The story of Herb Abrams and his UWF promotion is an extremely dark and fascinating one. It was featured on The Dark Side of the Ring and even we did a story on the subject a few years ago. There is now a book out about the wild and crazy days of Abrams and the UWF called ‘Tortured Ambition: The Story of Herb Abrams and the UWF.’ The author Jonathan Plombon was gracious enough to chat a little about the book with us and take a look into the darkness of the subjects and the journey in writing about it.

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Answering The 10 Count: WWE Host Scott Stanford

Brian Damage

He is a seven time Emmy award winning host/sportscaster, who has been working for WWE since 2009. In that time, he has been a regular in studio host of several WWE programs including WWE This Week. He has also done play by play for WWE Superstars program and has worked with the likes of Jerry Lawler, CM Punk and Charly Caruso. Today on the blog, we had the privilege to ask a few questions to WWE host Scott Stanford. Continue reading

Answering The 10 Count: Tito Santana

Brian Damage

Tito Santana is a former two time WWF Intercontinental champion. A former two time co holder of the WWF world tag team titles with both Ivan Putski and Rick Martel. He is also a former King of the Ring winner in 1989. In 2004, Santana was inducted into the WWE’s Hall of Fame. Tito can also brag about being in a very exclusive club of wrestlers who never portrayed a heel his entire career. Today on the blog, we had the privilege of doing a quick interview with the Hall of Famer and ask him about his career and his new autobiography entitled ‘Don’t Call Me Chico.’ Continue reading

Answering The 10 Count: Paul Diamond

We recently had the honor and privilege to chat with a former co holder of the AWA world tag team championship and former WWF, ECW and WCW star Paul Diamond. Diamond talks about his early days in pro wrestling, how he got his wrestling name, his time in the AWA, ‘Diamond’ Dallas Page, his venture into the WWF and how he got his gimmicks. He also talks about the affair that got him let go from the WWF and working with Shawn Michaels and his wrestling school. Continue reading

Answering The 10 Count: Jeanie ‘Lady Blossom’ Clarke


Brian Damage

In May of 2016, Jeanie Clarke better known as ‘Lady Blossom’ in World Championship Wrestling wrote her autobiography entitled, ‘Through The Shattered Glass.’ In the book you will read about her career, love life and past drug addiction. The former model, turned wrestling valet now mother and grandmother is honest, gracious and welcoming. Today we catch up with her in this latest ‘Answering the 10 Count‘. Continue reading

Answering The 10 Count: The ECW Zombie


Brian Damage

Happy Halloween and welcome to what we hope will be a new feature to the blog….Answering the 10 Count. A series of pieces where we interview pro wrestling stars of varying degrees and let them speak their mind on whatever topics get thrown their way.

Seeing as it is Halloween, why not start off this feature with a man known to many as the infamous ECW Zombie aka Tim Arson. While Tim’s biggest claim to fame here in the states might be wrestling under the guise of a zombie on WWE (ECW) television….Tim has been wrestling for over 14 years. A star in the Puerto Rican territories, Arson was trained by the infamous ‘Unpredictable’ Johnny Rodz who also trained wrestlers such as Taz, Bubba Ray and D-Von, Matt Striker and Bill DeMott. Continue reading