A Moment In Time: The One Man Gang Transforms into Akeem

Brian Damage

In this latest ‘A Moment In Time‘ we look at when the WWF took a monster who had been tearing it up on the territories prior to joining the company and, turning him, well, into a dancing ‘African Dream’. Yeah, we know… Continue reading


KISS at Midnight: The Failed New Year’s Eve WCW/KISS Pay Per View

Brian Damage

The latter years of WCW were so riddled with mistakes you could write a book about it – in fact, there is one – with money blown left, right and centre and the same superstars booked at the expense of hotter and younger talent. One of the most (in)famous drains of money was spending on KISS, and that’s the focus of today’s piece. Continue reading

Styling It Out: Forgotten Fashion From The World Of Wrestling

Jamie Lithgow

Like most things in life, all good wrestling characters and gimmicks evolve over time. Often the gradual tweaks made to a gimmick during it’s lifespan involve the occasional costume change. Some of these costume changes are good and some are bad, but today Jamie casts his eye over some the less memorable fashion choices from some of wrestling’s biggest names… Continue reading