Power Without Glory: The Story of the WWF’s tag team Power and Glory

Brian Damage

A cool name, a great finisher yet it still didn’t work out for Hercules and Paul Roma as ‘Power and Glory’. In today’s piece, Brian takes a look at the history of the short-lived team and what went wrong along the way. Continue reading


Heads Up: The Rise of Al Snow in ECW

Brian Damage

In 1995, Al Snow was one of the hottest free agents in all of professional wrestling. WCW was just starting to try and legitimately compete with the World Wrestling Federation. Each promotion was signing top wrestling talent from all over the country. One of those wrestlers was Al Snow, who had made a name for himself in various territories including Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Snow had great charisma and could flat out wrestle. Continue reading

Remembering the WWF’s ‘GTV’

Brian Damage

In early 1999, a series of grainy, black and white hidden camera videos began airing on WWF television. The videos would capture both heels and babyfaces in compromising positions. The videos were originally labeled GD TV, but it was later shortened to simply G TV. Fans began to speculate who was behind this voyeuristic look at the WWF locker room. Continue reading