Who is the World Champion?

John Carbery

Taking a break from his hugely popular ‘Alternative Wrestling History‘ series, John takes the time to ponder something else entirely. With so many wrestling promotions, all across the world describing their main champion as the world heavyweight champion then who exactly is the world champion? John takes a look… Continue reading


Wrestling with Sin: 95 Miles


Brian Damage

This is the 95th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker side of professional wrestling. Many of these stories involve such topics as sex, greed, drugs, arrests and sometimes even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, we do not condone or condemn the alleged involved. We are simply retelling these stories that have been told throughout the years. Continue reading

ICW: Show Me Your Lizard! review

posterGary Henderson

ICW: Show Me Your Lizard!
27/04/2014 – The Garage, Glasgow

Right, since this is the first review of ICW I’ve done and I’m guessing a lot of you wont be familiar with the talents or the general feel of the show, ill give nice big full descriptions of our combatants and what the fuck all of it means. Basically ICW is a bit like ECW its heyday. An underground promotion that made its name by being hardcore and x-rated, doing stupid shite that included – but wasn’t limited to – a guy stapling a womans vaginal lips, Paul London getting his balls out and hitting someone with a ‘Flying Teabag Senton’ and, well, GRADO.

I don’t like hardcore wrestling that much, so thankfully ICW has evolved a bit now to boast the best of Scottish wrestling inside the ring, while still maintaining a bit of madness outside it. There’s a bit of everything on this show (except GRADO, who was on holiday with his girlfriend), so I’ll dive in; Continue reading

Billy Kirkwood previews ICW ‘100% Shenanigans’

Craig Wilson

(Image courtesy of www.mvfestival.com)

(Image courtesy of http://www.mvfestival.com)

For my Scottish Sun column this week I caught up with Scottish comedian Billy Kirkwood who doubles as the commentator for hotter than hot Scottish wrestling promotion Insane Championship Wrestling. This Sunday the group will host their final event of the year at the Garage in Glasgow and look back on what has been an incredible year for the promotion.

2013 started brightly for them winning Fighting Spirit Magazine’s ‘UK Promotion of the Year’ award with 55% of the vote – twice what the second placed company received and they’ve gone from strength to strength since. A sold out show at the Edinburgh Picturehoue featured Colt Cabana and Sabu with Rhyno appearing for the group at one of their Glasgow dates. Here, Craig catches up with Billy and discuses ICW and the Scottish wrestling scene generally. Continue reading

ICW ‘So’s Yer Maw!’ review

Jamie Lithgow

‘So’s Yer Maw!’ Yes, a great name for a wrestling event but what would you expect from the makers of Summerbam and Square Go?

This was my first ICW event but I’m sure it will not be my last. From start to finish we were treated to a fantastic show with the talent involved giving nothing less than 100%. Match of the night honours go to BT Gunn’s successful title defence against Wolfgang. This was far and away the best match of the night, on an event which hosted some fantastic bouts. Wolfgang in particular impressed me with an ultra dangerous suicide dive into the crowd. However, this was not a match full of high spots and nothing else. Both men played their parts perfectly, while working their backsides off.

Other highlights for me were Noan Dor’s Zero G title defence against Andy Wild. There was not as much high flying action as I would have expected but they still held my attention throughout with some very well executed exchanges, this was right up my street. Finally the night’s main event was a tag team death match which saw Jack Jester & Chris Renfrew take on Jimmy Havoc and Iceman, in his retirment match. This was a fantastic brawl which spread to pretty much every corner of The Garage. I generally don’t care too much for hardcore matches but seeing this kind of thing live is something else entirely. Eventually the drawing pins to the feet and barbed wire bats to the head were too much for Iceman who went out the way all professional wrestlers should, doing the job. After the match there was a nice send off for Iceman which saw the whole locker room empty into the main hall to show their respect.

This really was fantastic entertainment I can honestly say that I enjoyed ‘So’s Yer Maw’ more than I enjoyed Wrestlemania. If you are a fan of the original ECW then give ICW a look. It’s not WWE, it is a little crude but it is great fun and the based on my experience here the match quality will really surprise you. Excellent stuff.

Match of the Night – BT Gunn vs. Wolfgang
Pop of the Night – The Bucky Boys Entrance
The ‘You don’t see that in WWE’ award – Kid Fite tea bagging Mikey Whiplash. Yes, it baws were out!

The rather tamely named ‘Up in Smoke!’ is next at the Classic Grand on Sunday 6 May. You can find more out about ICW on their website http://www.insanewrestling.co.uk and check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

In focus with Insane Championship Wrestling

Craig Wilson

Due to the newness of the blog, I’m regularly adding new series’ of posts and this is the latest, an in focus where, as the name suggests, look at a wrestling promotion in focus. It won’t be your WWEs or TNAs but promotions based in Scotland/UK. Starting, today, with the Insane Championship Wrestling.

Mark Dallas, the main bod of ICW, is a man that is very passionate about wrestling and the growth of the sport in Scotland. His knowledge base, combined with his quick fire conversational style, leads to a very in-depth conversation on those topics.

Dallas created ICW back in 2006 and ran events for a year until folding the promotion. The group restarted in 2010 with a hope that within 3 years they would have a regular club in the Glasgow city centre hosting their events and within 5 years a TV deal. They reached both targets in 2 years and there is a buzz about ICW at the moment. “It’s a very exciting time for ICW at the moment. We’ve got a few parties interested in sponsoring us, not just those with a previous interest in wrestling and we’ve gone from approaching clubs to host our events to clubs now coming to us. We started in the city centre at Apollo and then moved to the Classic Grande and then to the Garage and that has been great. With our shows being on Sundays, and that not being a night that sees clubs being busy, we’ve made ourselves very attractive to those that want 400 or 500 people threw their doors on a traditionally quiet night.”

Former ICW Champion Drew ‘Galloway’ McIntyre

Prior to setting up ICW, Dallas always wanted to run a wrestling promotion and while virtually anyone could do it nowadays, the options were a bit more limited back then. After going to wrestling training in Falkirk, alongside future ICW champion and current WWE superstar Drew McIntyre, he decided to set up his own promotion and the rest, as they say is history. Starting out at the Maryhill Community Centre, dubbed the ICW arena in a doff of the hat to Exteme Championship Wrestling, the group now hold events every 8 weeks at the Garage in Glasgow. “WWE and WCW both used to be aimed at adults with Stone Cold, DX and everyone like that. Now though, WWE are aimed at younger, and more PG audience which has left a gap in the market and I think that’s helped us. There is nothing aimed at adults now, we all remember ECW and we get compared to ECW which is an honour.”

There is no doubt that there is a buzz about wrestling in Scotland at the moment but, aside from British based associations, all the Scottish fan ever gets is the odd house show from WWE and a proposed visit from TNA in 2013. “The ICW fans are incredible and have helped get us where we are. It’s a really interactive thing; the guys come to the shows then go to the after party where they can hang out with the wrestlers. It’s really down to earth and the fans really appreciate that, feel more involved and more emotionally attached to the product. It also helps the recognition of the wrestlers as they fans know who they are as soon as the music hits.”

Mark is keen to give fans value for their money and the price at the door is only £10. “If you treat your audience well and make the product affordable then people come back, and we see that. We’ve sold out the last ten events we’ve hosted at the Garage and that has a capacity of around 400-500 and that’s great. That pleases everyone; the fans are happy, the wrestlers get to perform in front of a passionate audience and the club gets a good show and an enthusiastic crowd.”

The roster of ICW is mostly Scottish talent with the odd sprinkling of performers from elsewhere in Britain and when I ask him if he’s keen to book American talent, he shows a loyalty to his current workers. “The roster we have at the moment is great and perhaps the strongest it has been. When you look at the guys we have they have been wrestling for years yet have an average age of something like 25 which gives us a young, yet experienced, group of wrestlers that know how to work. The older heads help out the younger wrestlers and it’s a great environment for them to work in.”

You certainly cannot knock Mark Dallas’ enthusiasm for the world of wrestling and his passion for it to succeed in Scotland. Can wrestling in Scotland, and ICW in particular, succeed? If Mark Dallas has his way, it can only go from strength to strength and I am looking forward to my first ICW event on the 1st of April.

The Independent British channel MY show Insane Championship Wrestling every Saturday at 1am, Sky Channel 219, and they also broadcast in Germany (Martens, Wihelm Tel, MNet), Cyprus (CNS),   Romania (Cable Nanonet) and Bulgaria (Spectrum Net JSC, Koel 1, Speedy Net, Noblecom)

Check out ICW on their website: http://www.insanewrestling.co.uk, follow them on twitter: https://twitter.com/ICWUK or ‘like’ them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/InsaneWrestling