The Way We Was: In Your House 11 – Buried Alive


Jamie Lithgow

Today we bring you a special bonus edition of The Way We Was because twenty years ago this past Sunday a WWF superstar found himself buried alive at In Your House 11. As if that wasn’t cause enough for a bonus post, Buried Alive also provided plenty of other noteworthy happenings too… Continue reading

Matches from History: ‘In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede’ Main Event


Craig Wilson

With Owen Hart being one of this blog’s favourite wrestlers and the impending release of a WWE DVD set on him, we’ve turned this week into a sort of ‘Owen Hart week’ on here. On the back of last week’s ‘Top Five Owen Hart Moments’ pieces, we look at one of the best matches he was involved in: the main event of the 16th In Your House event, The Canadian Stampede. Continue reading

Matches from History: Owen Hart vs Shawn Michaels from In Your House 6: Rage in a Cage

Craig Wilson

It’s been a while since this blog featured a ‘Match from History‘ and what a bout to return with: Shawn Michaels vs Owen Hart from In Your House 6: Rage in a Cage. This excellent match took place the month before Michaels would battle then WWF Champion Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart in a 60-minute Iron Man match at Wrestlemania XII.
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Sunday Sermon: Best of ‘In Your House’

Craig Wilson, James Giles & Jamie Lithgow

(pic courtesy of

(pic courtesy of

Debuting in May 1995, the ‘In Your House’ PPV was held by the WWF on the months that previously had no events. As such, they were initially seen as b-shows and with a cheaper price and only 2 hours instead of 3 it’s difficult to think otherwise.

However, ‘In Your House’ has given the WWF fans many classic matches and memorable moments. Who can forget the first ever ‘Buried Alive’ match between Mankind and The Undertaker at the unsurprisingly titled ‘Buried Alive’ event or the deafening crowd reaction as the Hart Foundation faced Austin, Goldust, Shamrock and The Legion of Doom? Or a blood soaked Vince McMahon being sent through the announce table at ‘St Valentine’s Day Massacre’, the first Hell in a Cell match or the match that pitted Shawn Michaels & Diesel against The British Bulldog and Yokozuna with every WWF title on the line.

With the WWE releasing ‘The Best of In Your House’ on DVD – hosted by Todd Pettengill, this Sunday Sermon will look at the many great moments that emanated from the ‘In Your House’ events between May 1995 and April 1999, when the ‘In Your House’ part of the title was dropped. Continue reading