The WWF’s Disappearing “Diva”: The Mystery of Ashley Allen

Brian Damage

In 1996 the WWF snapped up former Playboy Playmate Ashley Allen and the company had big plans for her. In the end, they amounted to very little. Today, we take a look at the WWF run of the disappearing diva. Continue reading

Missed Wrestling Opportunities: DDP in the WWE


Craig Wilson

This week it was announced that before WrestleMania 33 that Diamond Dallas Page would, rightly, make his way into the WWE Hall of Fame. Ahead of then, in this latest ‘Missed Wrestling Opportunities‘, we take a look at his run with the WWE which promised so much but ultimately delivered so little. Continue reading

Great Ideas That Didn’t Last: The WWE Return of Matt Hardy


Brian Damage

Throughout the history of pro wrestling bookers and promoters have always tried to come up with new, creative and innovative ideas to generate interest in their product. Some ideas have not only succeed but flourished. Others were DOA from the get go. Then there are those ideas which initially were innovative but for various reasons faded away. This latest ‘Great Ideas That Didn’t Last’ looks at one of those. Namely the WWE return of Matt Hardy. Continue reading