Wrestle Kingdom 13 Preview

Jamie Lithgow

T’is the season. No, not Christmas, it’s Wrestle Kingdom season! We are still a couple of weeks out from January 4th but with the card for New Japan Pro Wrestling’s biggest show of the year now final, today Jamie provides a preview for the Japanese version of Wrestlemania; Wrestle Kingdom 13. Continue reading


A Beginner’s Guide to New Japan Pro Wrestling, By A Beginner – Part 3

Jamie Lithgow

In part one of this series we got introduced to New Japan by looking at its similarities and differences from WWE. Part two ran through the wrestlers and factions you can expect to see. In the final part of our Beginner’s Guide , Jamie casts his eye on the shows, tournaments and titles hosted by New Japan Pro Wrestling. Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to New Japan Pro Wrestling, By A Beginner – Part 1

Jamie Lithgow

New Japan Pro-Wrestling is the world’s number one professional wrestling promotion, assuming we class WWE as ‘sports entertainment’. No longer is NJPW confined to Japan with fans from elsewhere having to rely on newsletters, magazines and second-hand VHS tapes to keep up to date. Globally, NJPW is a brand on the rise, but what is it all about? Today, Jamie, a relative newbie to NJPW himself, covers the basics in our Beginners Guide to New Japan Pro-Wrestling… by a beginner. Continue reading