Random Wrestling Review: WWE Summerslam 1989

Summerslam 89

Jamie Lithgow

With Summerslam around the corner we are naturally in a retro Summerslam kind of mood here on the blog. The others have been casting their eyes over some major milestones in the event’s history, whereas I have been a little more arbitrary in my viewing habits. Under the microscope today is the 1989 edition of the event. Why 1989? Because the day my brother bought this video was the day I was introduced to professional wrestling. Yup, I lost my wrestling virginity to Summerslam ‘89, and like a dirty dog I have revisited it numerous times since! Anyway, that’s enough innuendo; let’s get to the action – Continue reading

Random Wrestling videos pt. 2

I went with a funny one the other day, the infamous debut of the Shockmaster, so have opted for an iconic one this time around.

As wrestling goes, what is more iconic than when Hulk Hogan defeated the Iron Sheik and won his first WWF title in a moment that gave birth to Hulkamania.

The start of the video shows the Sheik ending Backlund’s two year reign as WWF champion before we get to the match between “the incredible” Hulk Hogan and the heel champion the Iron Sheik.

The storyline accompanying the victory was that Hogan was a “last minute” replacement for the Sheik’s original opponent Bob Backlund, and became the champion by way of being the first man to escape the camel clutch (the Iron Sheik’s finishing move). The backstage story was that the WWF Champion Bob Backlund had refused to let Hogan win the title from him, demanding that any wrestler to whom he lost the belt have a legitimate wrestling background. As a consequence, The Iron Sheik won the title from Backlund first and then dropped it to Hogan and the rest, as they say, is history.

Either way, here’s the lead-up and match in full:

Random Wrestling Videos

Thought as a new series for this blog, I would post an iconic/funny-intentionally or not wrestling video. Some will be of matches and some will be of funny skits or promoso. Few better places to start, though, than the debut of The Shockmaster

The Shockmaster will be better known to WWF fans as the artist formerly known as Typhoon and prior to that Tugboat. After leaving the WWF he joined WCW and he was to make his debut in a match alongside the fan favorite team of Sting, Dustin Rhodes and Davey Boy Smith. He would be their mystery partner in the upcoming eight-man tag match against the heel team composed of Sid Vicious, Big Van Vader and Harlem Heat at Fall Brawl and was to be a replacement for Road Warrior Hawk.

Ottman was supposed to make a dramatic entrance by crashing through the wall in his ridiculous costume which consisted of a Stormtrooper helmet painted silver and covered in glitter, a pair of jeans, and a long black vest. Instead, he tripped over a piece of lumber that was framing the set, causing his helmet to fall off and slide across the floor.

Upon making his dramatic entrance, Ric Flair is heard to say “Oh, God!” before Booker T, of Harlem Heat, asked “Who is this Motherfucker?” and Smith exclaimed “He fell flat on his ass…he fell flat on his fucking ass!”.

This is without doubt the most unintentionally hilarious wrestling debuts of all time. After making such a spectacular mess of the entrance, it was little wonder they were unable to do anything with the character, despite a number of attempts, before he disappeared and returned back to the WWF in 1994.

You will struggle to find a funnier wrestling clip on the web. Don’t worry, though, I’m going to try and find one.