Welcome to the Freak Show: Remembering The Oddities in the WWF

Brian Damage

“Everyone come see the greatest show, Invite everybody that you know…” – Insane Clown Posse

Today on the blog, we look at the faction known as ‘The Oddities’ in the World Wrestling Federation in the late 1990’s. How did they come together? Whose idea was it? What was the original idea for the group? Ladies and gentlemen, let’s all gather around and read about the freak show that came to town… Continue reading


The Geeks Come Out At Night: Remembering the WCW All Nighter Specials

Brian Damage

After Ted Turner purchased Jim Crockett’s promotion and rechristened it World Championship Wrestling, the company looked for new and different ways to garner interest into the promotion. One of those ideas was to air a bunch of old matches from both the NWA and WCW late at night. Add a few hosts like Tony Schiavone, Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan and ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund and you’ve got a show. It was an insomniac wrestling fan’s ultimate dream. The show was called ‘WCW All Nighter.’ Continue reading

Farewell to a Super Hero: The Origins of The Blue Blazer

Brian Damage

May 23rd, 1999 is to this day, one of the darkest days in not only WWE history, but in the entire business of professional wrestling. At WWE’s pay per view chillingly titled ‘Over the Edge,’ ‘The Blue Blazer’ Owen Hart plunged seventy eight feet from the top of the rafters at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri. It was supposed to be a grand entrance for The Blue Blazer character as he was to descend down from the rafters using a safety harness. Instead, the harness gave way and Owen tragically died at the young age of 34. Continue reading

A Giant Cover Up? Remembering the Very Brief WWF Career of ‘Trapper John’

Brian Damage

If you have ever followed the career of Vincent Kennedy McMahon, you would know that Vince always had a love affair with giants. The bigger the wrestler, the better. Over the years, the WWF/WWE have featured wrestlers like Big John Studd, Kurrgan, The Great Khali, the Giant Gonzalez, the Giant Silva, The Big Show and, of course, most importantly Andre the Giant. Today we look at another giant and the brief run of ‘Trapper John’. Continue reading

In Rod We Trust: The WWE Storyline That Almost Happened

Brian Damage

In the storyline-verse of WWE, 2007 was not a good year for Vince McMcMahon. He would have his head shaved by his arch nemesis Donald Trump at WrestleMania and then lose the ECW title to Bobby Lashley at One Night Stand in June of that year. Seemingly distraught, embarrassed and depressed, WWE scheduled a Mr. McMahon appreciation night for Monday Night Raw on June 11, 2007 to buoy his spirits. It didn’t work and Mr. McMahon walked away from his WWE empire and entered into his limousine. Once McMahon entered the vehicle and shut the door, the limo exploded. Continue reading