Remember When WCW Held ‘The King of Cable’ Tournament

Brian Damage

Superstation WTBS and professional wrestling….it went together like peanut butter and jelly. From Georgia Championship Wrestling to World Championship Wrestling (With a brief cameo from the World Wrestling Federation as well) wrestling has been a big part of TBS’ programming through the years. In 1992, TBS celebrated 20 years of pro wrestling on the super station. TBS executives in conjunction with WCW, decided to celebrate the anniversary the only way they knew possible…..with a wrestling tournament. Continue reading

The Cup Runneth Over: Remembering WCW’s European Cup

Brian Damage

There is no question, that the European market is very important to a global wrestling company.The great turnouts at arenas and the passion European wrestling fans exude during shows is second to none. Europeans love their professional wrestling/Sports Entertainment. The only really unfortunate side note to that statement is usually global brands like WWE and formerly WCW and even TNA have only made it their mission to travel to Europe, when business in the United States is slow and/or hurting. That’s when you’ll most likely see a promotion venture out of the country. Continue reading

WWE’s ‘G Spot’: Remembering WWE Saturday Morning Slam

Brian Damage

Leave it to Vince McMahon and try to corner every single television demographic imaginary. In the late summer of 2012, WWE returned to the Saturday morning market by giving us a show geared toward kids only. The show was known as ‘WWE Saturday Morning Slam’ and it was shown on the CW network as a part of the Vortexx Saturday morning block. Vortexx was a block of animated shows by a company called Saban which was best known for prducing ‘The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ franchise. Continue reading

Shear Brutality: The Infamous Haircut of Andre the Giant

Brian Damage

Andre the Giant was many things…he was big, strong, lovable and fearsome. He truly was larger than life in many aspects. No doubt about it, at Andre’s size…he was a very intimidating wrestler. One of the many things that helped make Andre look so imposing…was his famous long curly locks of hair. It certainly added to Andre’s look and in one night, it was all stripped away. Continue reading

Remembering the Pat O’Connor International Memorial Tag Team Tournament

Brian Damage

WCW Starrcade 1990 pay per view was remembered for a couple of things. First, it was the final event that was co produced under the National Wrestling Alliance. Secondly, it was the ending of the infamous Sting versus The Black Scorpion feud. Last but certainly not least, it was the event that held the first and only Pat O’Connor International Memorial Tag Team Tournament. Continue reading

Remembering WCW’s Last Big Idea….The Magnificent Seven

Throughout the years that World Championship Wrestling had been in business, there had been many storylines revolving around powerful factions. We can start with the Four Horsemen and work our way down to the likes of the Dangerous Alliance, The Dungeon of Doom, the New World Order, the Natural Born Thrillers and the New Blood. All had varying amounts of success and failures. It seems that most of the history of WCW involved an evil group of wrestlers wanting to take control of the company. Continue reading

How the West Was Lost: The NWA Western States Heritage Title

Brian Damage

Some championship titles stand the test of time, while others simply fade away. This piece focuses on a title that faded away years ago….but the memories remain. Today on the blog, we look at the creation and the downfall of the National Wrestling Alliance’s Western States Heritage championship. Why was it created? Who held it? Why did it disappear? Continue reading

Welcome to the Freak Show: Remembering The Oddities in the WWF

Brian Damage

“Everyone come see the greatest show, Invite everybody that you know…” – Insane Clown Posse

Today on the blog, we look at the faction known as ‘The Oddities’ in the World Wrestling Federation in the late 1990’s. How did they come together? Whose idea was it? What was the original idea for the group? Ladies and gentlemen, let’s all gather around and read about the freak show that came to town… Continue reading

The Geeks Come Out At Night: Remembering the WCW All Nighter Specials

Brian Damage

After Ted Turner purchased Jim Crockett’s promotion and rechristened it World Championship Wrestling, the company looked for new and different ways to garner interest into the promotion. One of those ideas was to air a bunch of old matches from both the NWA and WCW late at night. Add a few hosts like Tony Schiavone, Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan and ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund and you’ve got a show. It was an insomniac wrestling fan’s ultimate dream. The show was called ‘WCW All Nighter.’ Continue reading