Sunday Sermon: Is AEW exactly what the WWE needs?

Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

Rumours continue to abound regarding All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and what it will deliver – shows that sell out quickly certainly help a buzz. In today’s Sunday Sermon, we take a look at the upstart promotion and what it means to the WWE. Continue reading


Sunday Sermon: Is the Undertaker gone from the WWE?

Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

This week it was reported that the Undertaker has removed references of the WWE from his social media and is taking bookings elsewhere. It comes as plans for WrestleMania 35 don’t feature the Phenom. In today’s Sunday Sermon we discuss this, his part in WrestleMania history and whether he should have bowed out earlier. Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: Dean Ambrose Leaving the WWE

Brian Damage, Jamie Lithgow, Padraic Toolan, Craig Wilson and Benjamin Trecroci

It was reported earlier this week by Wade Keller of Pro Wrestling Torch and picked up by several other news sources that Jonathan Good aka Dean Ambrose has given his notice to WWE management. In this week’s Sunday Sermon, the crew will examine what his potential departure means and what are some of the repercussions of that decision. Continue reading