Sunday Sermon: Six months Since Vince McMahon’s “Promise” to Change WWE

Brian Damage, Jamie Lithgow, Padraic Toolan and Craig Wilson

It has been six months since Vince, Shane, Stephanie and Triple H all gathered in the ring to open up Monday Night Raw and proclaim change was coming to the WWE. After a slew of bad Raw’s, bad ratings and other missteps, the McMahon family promised to change with the times. Stephanie said, “We’re out here tonight because we haven’t been doing a very good job for you lately. We haven’t been doing the one thing that my father has always taught us to do and that’s to listen to our audience. We’ve been suffocating our Superstars and all of that is going to change. And that starts tonight. We’re off to a fresh start.” Now fast forward to the here and now…has the McMahon family changed? Are they listening to their audience more? Are they giving us less of what we don’t want and more of what we want? All this shall be discussed in this week’s Sunday Sermon. Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: Is AEW The Real Deal?

Jamie Lithgow, Brian Damage & Padraic Toolan

We’ve touched on the topic of All Elite Wrestling in a couple of recent Sunday Sermons. Looking from the perspective of WWE, we discussed if AEW is what they need and if Vince McMahon’s Juggernaut should be concerned. A week on from AEW’s inaugural show, Double or Nothing, we revisit those questions in this Sunday Sermon but from the perspective of AEW this time. Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: Underrated Superstars of Old

Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow, Padraic Toolan, Brian Damage and Benjamin Trecroci

Growing up watching wrestling, we all had our favourites. The superstars, or teams, who would get us up off our seats when their intro music played. But today’s Sunday Sermon isn’t about them. Instead, it’s about those superstars who we didn’t value at the time but looking but, we really didn’t appreciate their work. Continue reading