Striving to Survive: The History of a WWE Thanksgiving Tradition Part 2

Craig Wilson

Following on from part one of Craig’s history of the Survivor Series, which you can read here, he picks up today from 2002 onwards – WWF is no more and it’s WWE Survivor Series. He takes us from the 2002 event all the way through to the 2018 instalment. Continue reading


WWE Survivor Series 2018 Preview and Predictions

Earl Marx, Padraic Toolan and Brian Damage

Tonight the WWE holds it’s November tradition: The Survivor Series. Whether it is teams striving to survive or champions hoping to retain their gold, it’s a strong card. Today the team preview and predict the show. Continue reading

Remembering the Short lived WWF Run of Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon


Brian Damage

Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon aka ‘The Can Am Express’ were a red hot international tag team for several years before getting the call to the WWF. They were legends in Japan, winning All Japan’s tag team titles 5 times. They had one of the greatest tag team matches you will ever see when they wrestled Kenta Kobashi and Tsuyoshi Kikuchi in 1992. Today, Brian takes a look at the duo’s stint in WWE, and why it was cut short. Continue reading