Top Five Most disappointing Moments in WrestleMania history

Brian Damage and Benjamin Trecroci

With WrestleMania this Sunday, what better way to count down the hours than to have a ‘mania themed Top Five. Today, Brian and Benjamin look at the most disappointing moments in the history of the event. Continue reading


Top Five Heel Turns in Wrestling Lithgow, Brian Damage, Benjamin Trecroci, Amerigo Diehl and John Carbery

Often turning a superstar heel or babyface is thrown about as the easiest option to change their fortunes. But sometimes a turn can really make a superstar. In today’s Top Five, we look at some of the most important heel turns in wrestling history. Continue reading

Top Five Wrestlers with ‘Go Away’ Heat

Jamie Lithgow, Brian Damage, John Carbery, Benjamin Trecroci and Amerigo Diehl

The reaction a wrestler gets from a crowd can make or break him. Whether that’s cheering a top babyface onto success or desperately wanting a heel to lose, crowd reaction is important. However, some wrestlers have heat but of the wrong kind. ‘Go away’ heat. In this Top Five, we list guys with that dread type of heat. Continue reading