Top Five On-Screen Couples in Wrestling

Padraic Toolan, Brian Damage and Craig Wilson

In the history of wrestling, there have been many on-screen couples. Whether the partnership has been in order to provide a visual appeal or to add extra muscle, they have been around as long as memory recalls. In this latest Top Five, we look at the best on-screen couples in wrestling. Continue reading


Top Five Goldust Moment

Brian Damage and Craig Wilson

After a run with the WWF/E which lasted, bar a few years elsewhere, since 1995, it was recently announced that Dustin ‘Goldust’ Runnells was leaving the company. In homage to that lengthy run, today’s Top Five is all about his best moments with the company. Continue reading

Top Five Worst Moments in WrestleMania History

Jamie Lithgow, Brian Damage & Benjamin Trecroci

WWE loves to talk about ‘Wrestlemania moments’, which is exactly what this week’s Top Five is all about. However, we do not want to hear about Shawn Michaels’ entrance at 12, Hogan/Andre from 3 or Daniel Bryan from 30. We’re looking for the stupid, crap, nonsense stuff that we remember for all the wrong reasons. It’s our top five worst Wrestlemania moments.

Continue reading