International Intrigue: The Story of the International Wrestling Association

You take a very wealthy investor with strong connections to the legitimate sports world and have him start a wrestling promotion. Have that wealthy investor offer guaranteed contracts to wrestlers regardless of how good or bad a show does at the gate. Offer to fully pay those wrestlers all of their food and lodging expenses. Now take that promotion and expand it nationally to compete with the status quo. Does any of this sound familiar? Continue reading

Top Five Most Memorable Moments From Wrestlers on Television Shows

Brian Damage, Tom Casola, Lowlife Louie Ramos and Amerigo Diehl

Originally, I was just going to keep this solely for pro wrestlers who made appearances on television shows like sitcoms and dramas. The thing is, there have been so many memorable appearances by wrestlers on other forms of TV like talk shows, game shows etc…I have decided to expand it a bit. I’ll leave it up to each contributor to decide what particular TV shows helped a wrestler stand out. Continue reading