Just The Facts Ma’am: The Return of Useless Wrestling Facts

Brian Damage

Rumors are rumors but facts are facts! Here is another piece that delves into the most useless facts about pro wrestling. Some you may know, others not so much. Either way, sit back, read and learn something that you’ll never need to know in your whole entire life. Continue reading


The Facts and The Furious: The Never Ending Useless Pro Wrestling Facts, Stats and Trivia


Brian Damage

It’s that time yet again here at Ring the Damn Bell…another set of facts, stats and useless trivia in the business of pro wrestling. Now, I don’t expect any of these tidbits to be on exams, job interviews, game shows or questionnaires. They are just for the sole purpose of entertainment. You never know though….maybe one day, somebody will ask you a random wrestling question and the answer may lie in one of these Fact pieces.
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Fact Body Drop: Even More Useless Wrestling Info You’ll Never Need

usa-today-1-3_4Brian Damage

Welcome to another round of useless facts, info and trivia. While none of the information provided will get you hired anywhere or land you a significant other…it’s info to have in your back pocket just in case somebody threatens your life and demands you tell them how many times since 2002 have Randy Orton and John Cena wrestled each other? The answer is an astonishing 251 times by the way…now on to some other nuggets….

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Almost Famous: The Ring Names That Could Have Been

RingmasterJamie Lithgow

Professional wrestling is a creative business, and ring names are no exception. A good wrestling name has to come from somewhere, and it’s this magical place we shall visit today as we discover the names that were almost handed to some of wrestling’s biggest stars. It’s safe to say that the landscape of professional wrestling might be slightly different today had the following names made it past the drawing board… Continue reading