TerriFACT! Pro Wrestling Facts, Stats, Trivia Answers and Other Assorted Stuff to Rot Your Brain

Brian Damage

You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth! Well, I hope you can anyway, because this is the latest edition of useless pro wrestling facts and stats. Some you have probably heard about, while others may come as news to you. Either way, here we go. Let’s learn a little… Continue reading


FACTS A Lot: All The Pro Wrestling Facts You Can Use…Or Don’t…Either Way is Fine

Brian Damage

Here is another piece on pro wrestling facts, stats, trivia answers and all that other good stuff. These little nuggets of truth won’t win you any prizes or anything like that. It’s just all in good fun. You may know some or all or you may not know any at all. Any way you slice it, let’s go and try and learn something new or not… Continue reading

Lights, Cameras, FACTS! Another Fact, Stats, Trivia and Useless Information Piece

Brian Damage

Here we are once again ladies and gentlemen…Another round of useless facts, Did You Know’s, stats and trivia for your reading enjoyment! Knowledge is power. These true tidbits won’t help you pass an exam, get married or land you a nice, cushy job. It is all meant just for fun. Some you may already know, while others not so much. So sit back, relax and let’s learn together. Continue reading